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I really need an 8" coil for the CTX.


Active member
I really need an 8" coil for the CTX. Need more depth than the 6" coil can give me. This is hunting in junky areas. The 11" is to big to get a decent signal.

Why don't somebody try to put the chip from a Ctx coil into an Etrac 8" coil?

I don't even know if this is possible or not. Does anybody know if its possible?


Well-known member
The 11" is to big to get a decent signal. some things to think about what does the ctx give for numbers when you run it here (sensitivity) mine runs 23 max to be stable the 6 i can run at 30 most places .
Do a air test my 6 well hit a dime at 10 inches in ground up to 8 inches with a couple of coins at the 9 inch mark (dime size) the 11 will air test about the same using 23 for sensitivity but would be deeper by only 2 inches if i could run at 30 but i can't you need to know what sensitivity you can run that 11 at to give a idea what the 8 would run at .

As far as a 8 not going to happen it's been 10 years.
Alternative would be a used explorer cheap coils lots of choices .
If you want more depth use pitch hold with the 6 inch. sube


Active member
I know the 8" coil is not coming, just wishful thinking on my part.

In auto +3 it was running at 14. I can run 2-3 numbers higher on manual. I was running 22 with the 6".

Most of these coins start at 7" and are deep. The soil is like digging at the beach. All sand based soil in the area. 1800's undeveloped properties are hard to come by in my area. I have to deal with the nastiest places to ever detect.

I dug an 1893 ihp at 8" yesterday. Ferrous was 32 to 34. Conductive number was all over the place. Target trace was a splatter pattern. Dug it 100 percent by sound.

It wasn't the best day to go to the site. We've had 5" of rain the last week. I will let it dry out and try again. See if i can get the sensitivity up a little more.

The building must have just collapsed on itself. Nails and junk everyplace. You cannot move the coil 2 inches without hitting junk.

I'm going to do an experiment at this place. I will mark off a 5×10 foot area. Scrape off 5" of soil. Detect the area again then scrape another 5" of soil. Sift the dirt and see if any coins were missed. See what the signals do after removing 5" of dirt.


Active member
I went over the area with the 11" then the 6" on the ctx. Then the 11" on the equinox 800. Only coin was found was with the 11" on the ctx.


Well-known member
Looking at the #s your getting for sensitivity i would use a 6 that's a tuff place to hunt.
Run pitch hold for more depth 6 inch coil if falsing is a big problem run pinpoint sizing target trace locked you would be running in pinpoint and not a pattern . As you know by being in pinpoint you well not find targets that false you well only be looking at real targets .Also you may find that there's real not as many targets there as you think by getting rid of the falsing .

(remember that dime you found sound what the machine was saying they probably will sound and act the same )

Since were at the edge of detection 8 inches with the 6 your target trace well be weak or none at all so tone is what were looking at if pitch hold is enabled you well gain almost another inch pitch hold well make it easier to hear the high tone because it holds that high tone tell we hit the next target .
I would set up as so.
ferrous coin combine
sensitivity as high as you can go
fe line none your as close to all metal as you can i say this because of the coin you found 33 34 fe were coming up .
bins 33 to 46 set at 1200hz the rest 80hz now we only have one tone to listen for we give up nickels with one bin but give 47 to 50 a low we don't want to be bothered by all the high tones from these #s
gain 30
Pitch hold well sound clear steady tone but when at the edge of pitch hold it well waver from low to high or 80hz to 1200hz as long as it keeps giving a high check it or pull so soil off to get closer .
Not a easy hunt your idea of moving 5 inches is great but sounds like work sometimes we can only get what we get . sube
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Active member
Thanks for the advice.

I'm running a program very close to what your saying. I will make the adjustments and give it a try again after things dry up a little.


I would like to get the chip/pcb out of a coil and make a Bigfoot for my CTX. Anyone have a candidate? Those with broken tabs should be fixed - I’m looking for one that got physically damaged and this is all it is good for. (=cheap). Imagine what this forum would be like if Minelab disabled the encryption and we could try various coils. Someone posted videos on making this interface but I can’t find them anymore - anyone know where they are?


Active member
I like the Coiltek 10x5 as my small coil. I had the Minelab 6" but sold it in 2013 because it just wasn't my style. I use the Coiltek in high trash and high iron like building tear downs and street and sidewalk tear outs with success.


Active member
Have you ever did a max depth test on that coil?

I actually need depth. My area is all sand based. 90 percent of the silver coins I find are over 8 inches deep.


Active member
No, I haven't. I have never been able to achieve depth in super trashy, iron infested areas anyway with any coil. But you do have me curious now. I think I will bury some 8 to 10 in deep targets and give it a test.