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Mercury Dimes VS Roosevelt Dimes?


Well-known member
Same here and I'm in Canada ! I found 4 or 5 mercs so far and my first rosie last year.


Well-known member
Another possibility if finding Mercs is you are actually hunting an area popular pre 1946 but not so popular (or abandoned) just after the war. We all love silver, agreed. But older silver just has that aura about it.


Well-known member
pockets were once hand sewn, then were machine sewn... Maybe? ...I too have noticed the ratio...


Well-known member
I have wondered about this too.
Mercury dimes were minted for 29 years while Roosevelt dimes (silver) were minted for 18 years.
Over all there were probably far more Mercury dimes then Roosevelt dimes in circulation.
That and the fact that the Roosevelt's were most likely not quite as deep like others mentioned and easier to find years ago.
I have been searching around a school that was built in 1958 and have found 6 rose's, but only two Mercury dimes there.
Obviously the age of the school is the reason for this I guess.
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Active member
Mercury Dimes were still in circulation when they stopped minting the silver Roosevelt in 1964 and people began removing all silver from circulation. When you do the math this makes a total of 48 years that Mercury Dimes could be lost verses 18 years for the silver Roosevelt.


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There is still some silver floating around. Some shows up in coin counting machines. My son pulled a rosie dime out of change. ai recently got sa 39 Washington quarter in change. Grandpa passes away and the family spends his coins collection.


Well-known member
Can I get exact GPS coordinates? Im thinking with a little “research” I can confirm or dispel this theory (asking for a friend). 😝


Well-known member
I have found a lot more Mercury dimes Than Roosevelt silver dimes by about 3 to 1 ?
What's up with that?
Is it that Mercury dimes been around longer so they have go lost in larger numbers?
I agree and I hope for the Merc's too.
It just so happens that I found a grassy curb strip where they tore down the house and decided to detect it. Wouldn't you know I find three Roosevelt dimes and two wheat cents?
Then I thought of your post - no brag just happy.


  • Apr 8th 2021 Three Roosey dimes.jpg
    Apr 8th 2021 Three Roosey dimes.jpg
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Coin Rescue Inc

Active member
That is a good observation.
I secretly wondered if I was cursed on Rosie's
Back in the 50's when my Grandparents had to get change from the pocket or purse out came a little coin purse.
Merc's were very common then too.
Maybe because of the depression-habits were developed and Change was More valuable.
If that was the norm then I wonder how anyone lost any coins?


Well-known member
If you add up the total mercury dimes minted from 1916 tob1945 and compare that total to the silver Rosie's minted from 1946 to 1963 that would explain the 3 to 1 ratio.
Yeah, in 1964 they switched to making clad coins that come out in 1965. Too bad for us but you made a good point


Well-known member
If you add up the total mercury dimes minted from 1916 tob1945 and compare that total to the silver Rosie's minted from 1946 to 1963 that would explain the 3 to 1 ratio.
Exactly minted longer..