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School yard gold today

Old California

New member
Started to rain, okay Equinox is waterproof so out I go to a local school yard to see how the Equinox operated as a coin jewelry hunter.

Ran both field and prospecting mode,
Iike them both and prospecting mode may be a bit more sensitive. Had one target ID 15, knew it had to be a pull tab but out pops a 14k ring, medium size 3.1 grams.

Audio was great, smooth and so far I like how it performs at school yards. Relic hunting, well I'm still not comformable that may be due to my type of soil. Won't comment just yet, let me fully understand the Equinox with its settings. Time will tell, hopefully its me.



Well-known member
Paul, better throw some water on that Nox and cool it of some. Lol


In my area Nox deadly on relics, smaller and thin too.


Active member
Dang Paul, you're tearing it up :detecting:

Good on you, the EQ is working just fine! The 18K ring I got on my first hunt ID'd as a solid 14, in Field2. I didn't GB, just ran noise cancel and off to the races. My second trip out, used Field2, switched to 50 tones, noise canceled and ground balanced :thumbup: I love the audio, seems better then what I remember when I had my Etrac.



Staff member
WWHHHAAATTTT 2 for 2 can't beat that with a big stick, well played Paul :clapping:
I just can't wait to see where you hunt tomorrow LOL


Well-known member
Have you checked your local Coinstar lately?:lol: I can see it now...”Man finds Double Eagle in Coinstar return tray,forum members expire immediately”.
Yep yep,good solid tight signals are always good to check! The tighter the better....the signal that is.;)
Nice work again Paul. Something I want to mention before everyone loses their damn mind here....take a guy who has been detecting for many years and put him in charge of the new machine,and he has a MUCH better chance of it “working well” than average Joe,even if he’s not familiar with said machine. There are certain things that targets do,no matter the machine,that the savvy detectorist knows about,and that’s why he digs certain things and not others,even though the NUMBERS may be exactly the same. The quality of the sound,the duration of the signal,how it ramps up and down,etc blah blah blah....all that shitt YOU know. Am I about to go gold hunting in MY schools and parks? Not a chance in hell,I don’t know enough about it. With your background and obvious experience I can see you doing it though. I’m following about 5 guys who are using this new machine,you’re one of them. PLEASE keep posting your experiences,good or bad,and IF you are seeing “tells” that are specific to the Equinox and no other machine you’ve used.
Oh yeah...NICE RING!!:)


Well-known member
Today you should go Prospecting for gold nuggets. Why not when you’re on a roll? :thumbup:

Keep it up.


Old California

New member
Thanks Rich,

That's a great idea, always wanted to gold nugget hunt but always swayed to relic hunting when I'm our there in gold country.

What is guaranteed, Gold in form of jewelry that type of hunting I've always gone well both water and land.

Thanks Rich!

Old California

New member
Thanks El,

Today, really put the equinox to the ringer. Old park, dry river bed with black sand, and hunted an old place laced with iron.

For park turf, Equinox is deep was very impressed testing a test bed of buried coins at an old park. No problem getting signals on 8"-9-10" coins.

Did dig a 1899 v-nickel and two pieces of vintage gold plated jewelry from the same park, No deep high conductive coins, coil just didn't go over any.

Dry river bed with black sand, was impressed it handles it well with right setting's. However, had to bump up recovery speed to remove ground noise. Otherwise, a smooth operating detector with proper setting's.

Last stop, an old school site laced with iron. Rained last night and wet soil didn't help. Made some changes to the equinox so I could get better audio separation, helped a lot. Bumped up iron audio, switched to 2-tone mod and had to increase Iron Bias a little. This helped a lot, but it needs a smaller coil for these type of conditions. Otherwise, user will get fooled with iron. I'm still not comfortable with the equinox under these conditions, I'll continue to tweak it some more.

Take care el!

Digger 45

Active member
Paul, thanks for the call this morning, congratulation on your recent GOLD finds. I forgot to give you my handle so now you will know. So exciting when you pull gold out, seems like it comes when you are not expecting it at all. Last year i pulled out a nice large gold band when hunting a small knoll by the side of the road in a park, not expecting to find anything at the time.

Once again congrats