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Silver pattern on E-Trac...


Every now and then I like to hunt a park! I have been using a relativity open pattern/screen,but this time I created a silver/gold pattern for Swedish finds.Tough discrimination,and I couldnt be more surprised how well it worked.

We have been over that ground many,many times. And found lot of goodies.But not in my wildest dream could I expect so many silver on that hard hunted area.

It just popped up from the ground them silvers..

I started to dig some gold signals like 12-14,12-16,12-18 and so on.But got tired to dig pulltabs and went for silver instead.First signal was the Oscar II silver crown 1907,rung in at 11-47. Then I went over another 11-47 and that was also 1 crown but the king was Gustaf V 1930. They contain both 80 % silver.

The small silver whisper.Fluty soft tone at 09-41.
I didnt dig the modern nickel crown since they always(almost) ring in at 12-42 and with a screamy pinpoint. I hate the modern copper 50 ore,give such a good straight 12-45,but then again with screaming pinpoint.So I just pass them over to other searchers...haha..

I search very slow,and use the fantastic little baby-SEF 8x6".For this kind of ground it is unbeatable.

I will go for this horror-pattern again,when I lacy hunt and just wanna dig the best bits.
E-Trac is a super duper machine,even if people reject it,and call it slow,heavy.They just havent tried it for real.I hear words like:go for the XP Deus,its a much better detector.

I think the best detector is the one you fully master.Any machine finds metal,thats what they built for.

Cant wait to hunt the fields in UK,less then a month away now



New member
Wow those are some real nice coins.
Glad its working for you.
I agree that the best detector is the one you fully master.
I am fairly new to the e-trac and have a ways to go to master it.
Thanks for sharing.

Crispy Critter

New member
Yeah, I really like those coins. Great detecting and detector.


Nice silver finds. I will be hunting in the UK in 6 weeks myself. Can't wait for my first time to hunt over there. I hope I can get my coil over something great!



Where in UK are you going?

Im sure you will find something nice,I always do when I m over.They have some great hunting there for sure.



Yes I know,but I dont know what happened.Silver was there everywhere.. I usually go with a very open screen and listening to sounds,but liked to try the hard pattern.And it worked.I was so surprised since this was a really,really hard hunted area. :)


New member
Man I can only dream of hunting a place like that! Nice finds!:minelab::thumbup: