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Update on the xp deus 2


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I went out today with the xp deus 2, and I had a few things not work like others in the field. They told me I needed to do a update, and then they told me about how they had difficulties. Yikes was I in trouble I thought. I watched a you tube video on it, followed instructions, Done in no time. Remote first, then the headphones :) Yeah
No v2.1. Read his sentence carefully, that’s a period to end the sentence…😆
Lol I did don't care about a period what is in the update.PERIOD
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Not too much. Something about Fe tid’s being a default along with target tid’s and the Fe tid ‘s can be turned off. Might be good for relic hunters. Also stuff on the new deep seeker coil setup. To lengthy for me to type in. Google Deus II 2.0 update. Good read.
Deus II changes from 1.1 to 2.0 update
The above link is the one I intended for you to read about the 2.0 update. All the details are there. I have not updated to 2.0 yet.
I am staying on 1.1 too since the 2.0 primarily add the deep coil set. Not enough change for me to need to update. I am very happy with 1.1.
I was.just reading up on the ver 2.0 to see if I want to go up from 1.1.
I read about ver 2.0 in many places and can recap what I got out of it.
■ Depth was deeper
■ The iron adjustment can help find high conductors in iron loaded sites. Keeps iron sound lower than a high conductor sound.
■ There is a report that pin pointing tone in one of the gold programs is muted a bit on the speaker. Negative thing.
■ In one of the latest Gary Blackwell video's he said if you want to use the Tekkna Program they are discussing get 2.0.
■ The clock does not keep time well with that Ver.
■ Somewhere along the way they added a new tone called High Square Tones. Maybe Ver 1.1. That is supposed to take some of the raspy /sparky peaks off the tone.

I still have a lot to read on this. A lot of information out there.

One fellow commented he liked ver .71 because iron TID on beaches was low compared to silver TID and that helped him alot. In the 1.0 and 1.1 the iron is ID'ing in the 90's making him dig more iron. He is thing on going back to .71.

It is good that all these ver are still available to download. Some older version might work best in your neck of the woods.

Does everyone assume that when a new version comes out it means the manufacture is admitting the pervious veraion was defective? Everyone needs to get the new version or else?

You be the judge and use what works in your soil...😁
More info on 1.1
-The FE.TID (Ferrous Target display) setting is now enabled by default. If you prefer not to display ferrous target IDs, you can turn off the FE.TID setting.
-We have made corrections to the SILENCER function in programs P1, P2, P4, P5, and P6. Now, Silencer levels 0, 1, and 2 provide the same rejection as in V0.71, while higher levels from 3 offer better iron rejection. The program 3 SENSI FT uses different Silencer close to V1.0.