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Well life rolls on


Well-known member
if you super tune that Vaquero I don't think many will touch it.
One thing to be aware of with super tuning it is that the discrimination does not work as well when super tuned. You can end up digging very deep iron that you would not have dug if the detector was not super tuned. I've done a lot of that deep iron digging and found that I became much more selective in where I would super tune. With that learning, and running little super tune; the ratio of desirable targets to trash got better.


Well-known member
Because every target sounds the same and don't give me that BS about sound nuances BS
Not at all. The nuances are very real. Before the forum moved to this new hosting platform there were many discussions of the nuances and how to pick them out. Unfortunately, much of those are not findable here and you need to go to the way back internet archives to find them.
The original Tesoro forum also had many discussions on the nuances and the very real differences in the edge sounds of roundness, clickyness, drawn out edges and mixed or bouncing edges.
Pick up a copy of Clive Clynick's book "Pulsepower!: Finding Gold at the Shore with a Pulse Induction Metal Detector". Clive talks about listening to the edges and modulation of the beep. In his Excalibur books he also talks about the narrow and drawn out signals that are the same type of characteristics that can be discerned with beep and dig detectors.

Several years back we went to an old property to hunt and have a family picnic. Youngest daughter, who was 13 or 14 at the time, tried her hand detecting with a Tesoro Compadre. After about half an hour she was telling me about the different sounds on the edges. Neat thing about that is that I have never talked with her about listening for the nuances, she discovered that all on her own.

As I get older and my hearing is not as good, it is harder to hear the edges; that doesn't mean they are not there.


Well-known member
Cut previous post short to go watch the F1 race .... Now I'll add that the Whites XL Pro I have is very verbal with its single tone. Beep and dig with a meter, but you will virtually never dig a bottle cap with it since the tone has a unique sparkling sound off on bottle caps. The only unfortunate thing about that sound signature is that harmonica reeds sound very similar; so you need to be aware of the area and what you are looking for before you totally ignore that sound signature on this beep and dig. Don't know if the other Whites of the time had that unique sound on multiple sharp edges or not as I did not have others.