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What has been your # 1 detector in years passed

Bugar In. USA

Active member
I suppose it would be a toss up in years past, between Garrett Scorpion, (which I still use) and Tesoro Bandito , (now Vaquero), many years have passed, first helped older brother detect in 1953, yup many years. Many, Many.

Missouri -- Ma Betty

Well-known member
List your favorite detector of all times :)

The best one I had of a few Whites was a Whites Spectrum XLT Hip Mount which was a chest mount for me because I am a shorty--Found lots of coins; especially Nickles--I had several different programs set up on it that I could use for different locations & to specifically find coinage, relics & jewelry! Purchased in the '80s & used until I had to slow down when my ILL brother came to live with me in 2006 & I was too ill to hunt any longer in 2007 or 2008! ! I really liked my detecting hobby & still miss being able to go hunting treasure! Ma:cry2:
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My favorite beep and dig detector of all time was and still is the Tesoro Bandido ll Micromax.


Well-known member
Being only 35 now and only starting 5 years ago, I would have to be cliche and say bandido II umax. Modern equivalent being the outlaw. Not the deepest but for the depth has the best disc I've tried yet
Deleon tied and set to my troy super 7 (also rebuilt/rewound to Troy specs by tesoro) is hands down the best coin shooter I can imagine.
But if only one the bandido II umax with any coil and the high audio is my favorite.
Yes everyone says that, but there's a reason


Well-known member
All the micromax were light, a little over 3 lbs with stock coil. I got to use an old "lunch box" detector when i was a kid but don't remember what brand it was. Heavy and battery eating but i loved it. years later i bought a tesoro compadre and then a golden umax and that would be my favorite that i owned.


Active member
Back around 2006 I picked up a Tesoro Bandido (1st version) that is a "closet queen" and love hunting with it to this day. The control box was placed under the arm near the arm-cuff so the balance is perfect and light. I also like to use a Troy Shadow X2 at times when hunting junky public type areas but only use the "coin check" button for a quick reference as to what the signal may be or when cherry picking coins. On both units I normally swing with minimum discrimination and prefer 7" or 6" concentric coils.


Well-known member
Minelab Excalibur, tired several others since I started 12 years ago. I just don't like displays. New Love, 2020, Fisher Impulse AQ, No display, just audio and it fills in areas the Excalibur is weak.
12 years, 98% gold found has been using the Excalibur, 12 years to date 795 Gold rings. 42 Misc gold.

Blood Member of RingKeepers
2020......Gold Rings....87....Misc Gold 1 .......Silvers ...137