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What's your favorite all around Garrett


Well-known member
Well...I've owned only one Garrett, so I would have to say the At Max.


I liked the mellow tones of the ATPro. It went pretty deep in my soil and the TID was pretty dependable. I sure did find a lot of relics with her too. Hmm... writing this is making me miss the old girl. I just might have to go buy another one. Darn you C.J.M.


Owned a Freedom II+ from the late ‘80’s, GTA1000 from the 90’s, a GTI2500 early 2000, and now the Apex. The GTI2500 is a great coin machine, but heavy for this old man. I enjoy the Apex the most; it’s so light weight. Once learned, it’s a pretty good detector for hunting old homesites, or about any purpose. I own 3 coils for it, and use them all.


Well-known member
Back in the early 80's I had the Garrett Deepseeker and I found a lot of CW relics with it. I had the 10' coil and the 4' Sniper coil with it. This was the old metal housing metal detector. This detector shot deep and was one of my favorite all time Garrett's. It was built rugged, was a dependable hunter, and was fun to use.


Well-known member
Owned and used many models since 1968. Of course I've owned a lot of different makes and models as well through the years, but I have had some favorite Garrett's at different times.

If I had to list my Top Three, they would be:

#3.. The 15 kHz GroundHog VLF/TR-Disc since '77. I found a lot with my that model, especially with the 7" Concentric coil.

#2.. The 50 kHz American S2 TR-Disc. W/7" Concentric coil. I used this mainly for urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting and it worked impressively well, but that was about '81 thru '84.

#1.. and by all comparison standards my all-time favorite Garrett is the Apex. I own 3 of them and keep the ripper coil on my most used Apex, the raider coil on my 2nd used Apex and theNEL 5" DD on my 3rd Apex while I'm hoping Garrett will produce a 4.5" to 6" Cconcentric coil for that model. I actually own 4 Apex devices, since my 'Loaner-Unit' for Family and Friends is also an Ape' with the Viper coil mounted.

The more I use the Apex, and the number of different challenging sites increases, the more I am impressed with the Apex field performanc. It is a very good general purpose detector, even for working the more challenging iron nail contaminated sites.



Well-known member
In water detecting the Garrett Infinium is my best of the PIs I have owned or own now. The ATX is better when the ability to tweak controls is wanted, but the ATX is way too heavy for me to swing out of the water for long. The Minelab Swing 45 vest helps when I use the ATX out of the water. I have all the Infinium's coils and they are easy to interchange to suit the area I am searching. Mounting the control box under the elbow in the water or hip mount out of the water is supper for a light-weight on the arm.
The Non-PI Garrett favorite goes to the ATPro for the same reasons I like one detector over the other: choice of different coils, the multitude of tweaking options and weight out of the water. Unfortunately the ATP is not as good as other brand detectors I have for salt water environment. Notch filter selection and 4 inch coil are the two reasons I am keeping the ATPro with other brand multifrequency detectors.
I have found that there is no one detector that can be considered the BEST for all the varied environments I detect in. Salt water vs fresh water; black/pink/white sand; rocky areas vs grass covered and open areas vs shrub covered areas; if searching for one specific metal or all types of metal all play an important part of the detector I choose for any given situation.

Gord (Tecumseh)

Active member
Won an Ace 250 at a hunt but after using it twice, I sold it to a friend for his son to use. I bought my Infinium new and still have it ten years later. Used it on the beaches and in the water in Hawaii and had very good results. Its a keeper..


Well-known member
Hands down, The AT Pro for dirt, dry sand. Park hunting with the 5x8 it's hard to beat. Salt water it's the Inferno. It's got the tones, can be mounted on the belt, chest or on the shaft. Another Big issue, array of coils that arn't hardwired in. Two top machines


Well-known member
My first good detector was a gtax750 and when I got that detector I started finding silver coins. I found 3,000 coins in one month with it. It still has a place in my heart. At Pro was unbelievable for me and I bonded quickly. I found so many Indians with that detector in the first year at places I had used FBS detectors. At Max had one of the best all metal modes of any detector I have used. I now have an Apex and it took me a month or so of heavy use to learn to love it, but I now am in love. It is very accurate and works extremely well in my parks full of modern trash. And finally, all of the Garrett pinpointers are the best. Propointer 11 if you love simplicity and the Carrot if you need a more adjustable pinpointer. I would be lost without my Propointer 11.


Well-known member
In my above reply the one thing I did forget to mention was the Garrett pinpointer. I listed my 3 top favorite Garrett metal detectors, but for a handheld pinpointer I'm very pleased to have one for each of my Apex devices. Each unit has it's own set of MS3 headphones so the detector the headphones and the AT Z Lynk pinpointers are all linked together for my pleasure in listening.

I gave my Apex a rest a couple of days ago and just grabbed the 15 kHz American S3/GroungHog to do a little coin hunting in the very Bottle Cap littered yard for a while.

This afternoon it will be back to using my #1 favorite Garrett. (y)



Active member
I'm probably gonna sell my Apex. It falses too much on deep targets. I dig several inches deep and there is never nothing there. The target id is rarely steady unless under 6" deep.

silverseeker 2

Well-known member
Whats your favorite all around garrett detector regardless old or new models?:shrug::garrett:
Enjoyed my Gti 1500. Fun machine for a change up now and then. Still have her. Also own a MINT Master Hunter CX111.
Don't use it though as it's in Museum Quality. Have all size coils too...


Well-known member
Back in the day the ADS 7 I think it was called a big green box built like a tank
didn't have much depth


New member
I've had a few other brands before and a few after, but always come back to and rely on my baby... my AT Pro with the 5x8 coil. It's a killer in the parks!