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Who will acquire Whites ?


Well-known member
I doubt that anyone will be willing to make the investment that it will take to bring Whites back. Whites has died because of the lack of new technology that most folks today are demanding.


Well-known member
Nothing to take over. They probably approached other manufacturers with intellectual property to sell, if any , and closed the doors. They had a good run !, it was time !!😃


New member
Heard through the grapevine that a Chinese company is trying to buy them out. Whites does not care about its loyal users and customers. Its now all about who can give them the most cash.


Active member
Hopefully a person(s) with the desire to take over the company with business savvy, new ideas in marketing, Engineering and technology to be competitive with other manuf. Plus keep the former employees that worked for Ken White.


Well-known member
Garrett and First Texas I believe are it. I remember when Fisher folded......then First Texas picked them up. If these two companies aren't careful, we'll be buying all our detectors from overseas.
Using a quick web search for 2019 revenue in Garrett and First Texas-not sure how accurate the source is....according to them Garret has 233 employees with a revenue of 46 million. First Texas shows 55 employees with revenue of 11 million. Does that mean anything? Maybe not, but it could be a rough ballpark indication of their level of business. It would seem that FT is sized appropriately and could weather a storm or two without too much immediate danger. Someone with almost 8 times the staff but not 8 times the revenue to match could be looking at layoffs. Between Whites, Garrett, Tesoro, and FT, one can look at the last decade of released tech and see who was moving forward. I think it’s a lot like a family run dealership (I’ve worked for a few by now) eventually circumstance wins out and it’s just no longer viable so they sell out or close. The end of an American dream kinda. What If there’s a kid out there who loves the engineering and someday creates a brand new American made detector. A new dream starts....I think that’s how we should look at it. The UK has some pretty small time manufacturers that make some super interesting machines.


Well-known member
Undoubtedly, overseas manufacturers are leading in technology?
White's Spectra V3i with the multifunction ability to simultaneously show the freq./kHz will be the most important feature. And, that has the ability to indicate simultaneously in pinpointing.
If there are copyright concerns they possibly will purchase those? ? ?
Alternatively, if there are copyright concerns those might disappear after a certain time?
Having said all that I believe technology will dominate as evidenced by the recent development from manufacturers. Specifically, with multifunction capabilities, and the ability to update the software with a home computer.
With all the fierce competition will 'anything' ever evolve from White's?


Well-known member
In my honest opinion, at the outset, and now I am beginning to confirm my first impression there is nothing to sell! There is no merit to concern one with who will acquire White's. What is there to acquire? With the multifunction tool the patent prevented anyone from manufacturing one for a specified time. Now, with White's what will prevent anyone from manufacturing a metal detector with multifunction capability, and pinpointing that features simultaneous freq./kHz? Both in the search operation, and the pinpointing. Cf. a Harley Davidson purchased used quite often sells for as much as it was purchased for used later? Cf. A Corvette purchased used quite often sells for as much as it was purchased for used later?
I own the White's Spectra V3i, and I love it! I will never sell it. I believe if I chose to sell it in (10) ten years it would command approximately what I paid for it! If it doesn't deserve a good price, I will tell any prospective buyer to go and buy one! lol
I won the Minelab Equinox 800. I believe they are the (2) two metal detectors that compliment each other as much as possible?

White's had a reputation deserving of quality craftsmanship?


Garrett and First Texas I believe are it. I remember when Fisher folded......then First Texas picked them up. If these two companies aren't careful, we'll be buying all our detectors from overseas.
There is still the small company of Tarsacci who makes the very interesting Tarsacci MDT 8000 here in the USA. The owner is an immigrant who came from Bulgaria many years ago, and worked as an engineer for Fisher back before they sold out to FT. He quit when FT bought them and is now making his own. He worked on the Fisher Coin Strike and the Excel units.


Active member
I just read that an agreement between White's and Garrett MD. Garrett will acquire White's name, technology, designs and product offerings. Hooo Raaa!!! Proudly made in America.