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Recent content by jayhop

  1. jayhop

    Going crazy!!!

    I've been on beaches where I had to cut the sensitivity down to 19 or so to get it to run smoothly. Definitely have to keep the sand out. And I'm sure you know about your cellphone causing EMI. I had trouble at VA beach a few weeks ago, I soon went back to the truck and got the Deus II, it ran...
  2. jayhop

    Minelab Manticore

    I saw the video Wednesday when that statement was made. That statement plus another is what reignited the subject. I just hate it when people don't get what they expect when they spend their money. Something should have been done to make this right but it never will. Taking the machines as a...
  3. jayhop

    Minelab Manticore

    I guess they can't admit but so much. I'll put this in as gentle terms as I can. Think about it: They have this machine advertised waterproof to 10 feet. THAT IS A BIG SELLING POINT. I think my opinion that MOST units actually used under water for an extended period of time do leak is very...
  4. jayhop

    Minelab Manticore

    But but but it can't be, surely if this were real Minelab would know about it. And they don't because the Minelab representative said she had never heard of it leaking there. (Being sarcastic for those that didn't know)
  5. jayhop

    Minelab Manticore

    I agree, some leak and some don't. But IMO most that are used under water (not wading but under water) will eventually leak. It's a fact that Minelab has admitted some leak. As their Representative said. There is a big difference between " a small percentage of the total units sold " and the...
  6. jayhop

    Minelab Manticore

    Yes the Equinox. There was a live stream yesterday about the Manticore. I removed my comments there because of the way I worded the comments. But I just checked and there are some comments there that are referring to the same statements I heard and didn't like.
  7. jayhop

    Minelab Manticore

    Sorry for the way I handled posting on this subject. The thing is that after I posted my message here, I got a message about a comment I made on YouTube about a certain video on YouTube. That's all I want to say about that. Even though I think my comments were very accurate I thought it would...
  8. jayhop

    Minelab Manticore

    Do a search for Manticore on YouTube. I have deleted my comments.
  9. jayhop

    Minelab Manticore

    Please watch the video for yourself, they have already contacted me about my comment.
  10. jayhop

    Why so many people dumping the Deus 2

    I think it's possible there may have been something wrong with your machine. I bought a Deus I a couple of years and returned it because of EMI, I only tried it in my yard. I haven't had that trouble with the Deus II. The RC poping off is a pain. Mine fell off just a couple of feet from a...
  11. jayhop

    Deepest program for XP deus 2

    1700 to late 1800 house sites, Civil War sites. Most of my hunting is in farm fields, so targets can be shallow or deep. But in the sandy soil they can be very deep, that's why Deep HC is my primary program.
  12. jayhop

    Deepest program for XP deus 2

    I tried making adjustments to the fast program this week in my test garden. It is really deep, but gives a much better response on lower conductors than high conductors. In my opinion it would be a good all around program with adjustments for each situation. IMO the Deep HC is still the best...
  13. jayhop

    First impressions Using Deus 2

    That's a nice plate.
  14. jayhop

    Deepest program for XP deus 2

    I do watch his videos, not sure if I've seen the one you are talking about. I will check on it. I've tested all programs in my test garden and Deep HC is the most stable with the most accurate ID on my deeper targets. Not the best sound on deep low conductors but I'll take the trade off. And...
  15. jayhop

    Deepest program for XP deus 2

    I tested a lot and Deep HC is the deepest in my soil (eastern nc). I use pitch mode. It also gave a more accurate ID on deeper coins. If it wasn't for this program I'd go back to using the equinox.