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Recent content by jayhop

  1. jayhop

    Deus II Continues To Out Perform

    That would be a find of a lifetime for me. Happy for you.
  2. jayhop

    Deus II is worth its salt

    Yes, those square cut nails sound really good.
  3. jayhop

    XP Deus II is the Real Deal

    Nice button!
  4. jayhop

    A few keepers

    Those are some nice looking coins.
  5. jayhop

    Deus 2 coils

    The 9in is really deep for its size, the 11in is deeper IMO but not by much. When I go beach hunting I will use the 11in because of coverage and deep. But the 9in is just so enjoyable to swing. I've only hunted with it twice but I really like it. I just wish Deus would do something about the...
  6. jayhop

    Deus 2 coils

    The coiltek 5x10 is much deeper in my soil.
  7. jayhop

    Deus 2 coils

    I agree. The minelab 6" isn't a deep coil in my opinion and it doesn't separate any better than the 11" in my testing. But the Coiltek 10x5 is almost as deep as the 11", it will hit my 11" coins. I sent my equinox 6" coil back very soon after receiving it, or I sold it I can't remember. All I...
  8. jayhop

    Deus 2 coils

    Don't know when but I just got my 9" Deus II unit last week, it can hit my 11in dime and quarter with a good ID in Deep High Conductor at approximately 3 inches above the ground. I was told a while back by someone on this forum that a coil can't detect at a distance that is deeper than the...
  9. jayhop

    A first !

    That was a heck of a hunt! That button is in good shape.
  10. jayhop

    Charging cables don't work

    One of mine doesn't work either, well it doesn't work for the headphones. I've heard there is a problem with some of them. My dealer said he will ship me a new one at no charge. Said he has heard of others having the same problem. Won't say who the dealer is.
  11. jayhop

    XP deus puck and quest headphones

    I agree, I thought mine was OK as it was but the puck fell out on the second hunt. I did some file work on it and then it actually snapped in. Hasn't come out since.
  12. jayhop

    Can't find Silencer

    You must be in the Relic or gold programs, it's not available in those programs.
  13. jayhop

    XP Deus 2 Finally.

    Finally got my tracking for my 9 inch today, after almost 5 months.
  14. jayhop

    Same old sites

    Nice finds, I really like that infantry button.
  15. jayhop

    XP Deus 2 Finally.

    Glad for you. In 2 weeks I will have been waiting 5 months for my 9.