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Recent content by ronaldj2

  1. ronaldj2

    The future of Whites metal detectors

    In my opinion its never too late to challenge the market . What a challenge it will be , with all of the great metal detectors out there. They will have to come up with something innovative with a wow factor that rivals all of its competitors. The last Whites I owned was a spectrum xlt . A...
  2. ronaldj2

    A Wheatie and a Watcher

    The birds call him lunch :rofl:
  3. ronaldj2

    A Wheatie and a Watcher

    You know his initials are HA.... His friends call him Cassidy ;)
  4. ronaldj2

    Holy Crap!! Hope this link works

    The link worked , cool video . I would be happy to find one gold coin .
  5. ronaldj2

    This ever happen to you?

    I agree about on edge and off to the side.
  6. ronaldj2

    This ever happen to you?

    If i think it is a large target (aluminum can) . I raise the coil off the ground 2 , 4 , 6 , inches even 12 inches or more and i am still getting a good hit, then it is most likely a can or larger metal object.
  7. ronaldj2

    New Simplex+ pinpoint speaker disabled unless I hold the button down?

    Most pinpoint buttons on almost any machine require you to hold the pinpoint button . Otherwise it would just be in all metal mode. You may have just forgotten or thought that it worked the other way. Seems to me like it is functioning normally. Hope this helped ease your mind. I have read...
  8. ronaldj2

    Best non diamond find in 25 years

    Nice finds.. I will be doing some fresh water detecting soon. Its astounding how someone loses something so heavy from around their neck. It happens quite often and your find is a prime example. Keep up the good finds. HH
  9. ronaldj2

    ground find... silver!

    Fair game on the ground or in the ground.. Good eye !!
  10. ronaldj2

    Coiltek search coils ?

    The team at Coiltek probably meant to write 6-8 months instead of weeks. It took over a month for my 6" Equinox coil to be delivered. I got it Tues. June 1st ordered it April 18th.
  11. ronaldj2

    Old coin?

    No worrys Ma I haven't the greatest skill set when it comes to posting photos. Haven't scoured my finds drawers yet to see if I can come up with the not so real realle. Its all good retelling stories sometimes we miss details .. God Bless you as well !!
  12. ronaldj2

    Old coin?

    I found one very similar to that one , about one year ago. I was detecting an old yard house was built in the 1770's. I thought I had a bucket lister until I cleaned it up. Turned out to be a reproduction . I will send a pic if I can find it in my collection of things. I hope yours is the...
  13. ronaldj2

    sudden run on detectors local

    Coil should be here Tuesday June 1st. :detecting:
  14. ronaldj2

    sudden run on detectors local

    Well maybe Richard will get a shipment soon so I can get swinging the 6" soon . Still waiting ever so patiently.. Its all good !!
  15. ronaldj2

    Bone Handle Knife and Large Cent #18 FTY

    Very good. It does get tough when everything springs back to life.