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Recent content by Tbone1

  1. T

    XP Deus 2 Depth Concern

    Yep. For me as well. I was totally underwhelmed with my D2 when I first got it. My Nox 800 was outperforming it. Someone suggested upping the audio and it was a game changer. Sold the Nox
  2. T

    XP Deus price

    I have the same list of equipment and haven’t used it since I got the D2. I’d only sell it cash locally and was thinking around 6 or 650 as well. Like others have said though it’s currently tough sell. But will most likely get tougher. What are you going to do? It’s a hobby and it’s electronics.
  3. T

    Learning curve

    Still have my V3i and find the D2 way easier to access the menu options. I like the silver slayer program but mostly use the tweaked general program that I got off the Mental Metal site. I use 5 tones 0 discrimination. I like hearing everything. Awesome machine!
  4. T

    New XP Deus II user here with the 9" coil with MI-6 and WSA II XL headphones

    Regarding the pinpointer and the D1 I never had a pairing problem with it. Just the D2. Have the latest update but still fussy. Annoying but always pairs after second or third attempt
  5. T

    XP Deus 2 Depth Concern

    Some areas I hunt are pretty trashy but I really think the D2 does a great job of hearing good targets in trash. Sometimes with just a blip of a high tone. That’s when I circle around and focus on the spot. I mostly use zero discrimination and listen to it all. It gets chatty sometimes but I...
  6. T

    New XP Deus II user here with the 9" coil with MI-6 and WSA II XL headphones

    I bet you’ll pick it up fast! Like those headphones a lot! Have both coils and have been leaning towards the 11 lately. Both have great separation and depth. Like that pin pointer too but sometimes it gets a little quirky pairing with the remote. Have to turn it off sometimes and turn it back...
  7. T

    Deus 2 small coil 🤞

    Same here and pretty happy with both. Agreed about the 5 x 10 though.
  8. T

    Dry Ground

    Digressing a little but I’m always drawn to the Whites section to see what’s going on because of a what a great company they were . Customer service was second to none! I was intrigued when the MX 7 came out and called Whites to hear what they had to say about it. I told whoever I talked to I...
  9. T

    Sunray in-line probe for equinox

    Tip only!! I’m in!!
  10. T

    XP Deus 2 Depth Concern

    Some have come back to me and commented that audio response has no affect on depth or performance .Well for me if I'm able to hear a target better with a higher audio response setting I'm getting better performance. When I watched a depth comparison video from Spain I think it was showing the...
  11. T

    XP Deus 2 Depth Concern

    I know what the manual says regarding audio response settings and cautions that too high of a setting affects the ability to assess depth and can amplify small false signals and perhaps mask good targets. I get that But the best advice I was given when I was complaining that I was not getting...
  12. T

    Deus 2 backphone charging issue

    One of my 3 connectors on my charge cable that came with the D1 has always been quirky. The d2 cables all worked fine and I just ended up buying another charge cable for the d1. Probably should have sent it in. I guess I still can as the 1 is still under warranty.
  13. T

    WSA 2 XL headphones issue/question

    Sounds like you got a pretty good warranty response. That’s great another set was available. They seem to have been on back order not long ago. I sure like my set
  14. T

    Why so many people dumping the Deus 2

    And maybe rather than using the word bogus perhaps exaggerated would be better.
  15. T

    Why so many people dumping the Deus 2

    The idea they are being dumped I think is somewhat bogus. I’m not seeing it. Maybe I’m missing something