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Recent content by trojdor

  1. T

    Equinox Coil Mod

    :thumbup: Looks pretty solid to me!
  2. T

    Early CTX Detectors

    smkunder, I got mine directly from Minelab, but many dealers also carry the Minelab parts. Additionally, many aftermarket kits have been built/sold using general purpose (round) o-rings of the proper size. If you REALLY want to DIY, you can search for the proper o-ring numbers, and order them...
  3. T

    Looks like a new software update?

    Umm.... you guys did notice the direct link to the download page for the 3.0 update was in the very first post of this thread, didn't you? (You didn't have to waste time with either Google or Minelab - I tried to make it as easy as possible for you to get it, lol.)
  4. T

    Is the CTX still a viable detector?

    Pretty much agree with all the other posts. In mild rich (black) dirt, you're going to be really hard pressed to find any better coin machine. Minelab nailed it with the FBS / FBS2 technology. And when you combine the CTX 'smart screen' info with target trace and pinpoint trace, it's still a...
  5. T

    Looks like a new software update?

    Donut, Haven't seen anything written about this update and pinpointing. The older update mentioned and addressed that... ...and I haven't noticed any changes in pinpointing, but then I've never had any real trouble with the 600/800 pinpointing other than the original release. Hope that helps.
  6. T

    V3 software hunt

    Thanks for the info there, Mr. Yerkes... I've got a few high emi sites myself that I need to get to .... as soon as the protesters go home, and it rains a little more. :) mike
  7. T

    Looks like a new software update?

    3.0 update adds a 4.0kHz single frequency to the others...and some stability enhancements.
  8. T

    Early CTX Detectors

    The old battery doesn't have that black rubber D seal around it's periphery. However, you really can't tell the age of the detector from the seals / battery as they are both easily replaceable. I'm guessing what you're really saying is you don't want any leaks .... regardless of the actual age...
  9. T

    tested the the silver

    Nearby trash can down-average a good signal, especially if it's deep. That's why you don't want to overdo the discrimination on any detector. I personally don't bother with much modification of the stock disc patterns .... opting instead for adjustments to the recovery speed and iron bias ...
  10. T

    cheep headphones on the Equinox

    I've used the HPs that come with the 600 .... they work just fine. You have to make sure to plug them in all the way. It's actually a pretty snug fit when you get it right, not loose. If they 'fit loose', you didn't plug them in all the way, and of course, without an electrical connection, they...
  11. T

    My Friend Des Dunne is very ill in hospital.

    I have conversed with Des several times over the years, and he has always seemed to be both knowledgeable, and a classy gentleman .... as well as just an all-round nice guy. I wish him the best, and will certainly pray for him.
  12. T

    1 LOAF token ...

    Very nice. :thumbup: If my memory serves (big if), the first bread token from S EMANUEL wasn't discovered until 2005. (Yes, that's an S under the crud to the left.)
  13. T

    Zirconium Ring - Anyone Find or Have One They Can Get Numbers On

    Well, the good news is that yes, it's detectable. Unfortunately, I don't think I've got any lying around to test. If I were to guess, I'd guess in the nickel / pulltab range. The titanium band I'm wearing now reads 13 - 14, and that's the closest thing I've got to compare to... Good luck, mike
  14. T

    Off the radar park giving up the goods..

    It's surprising just how much gets missed in some parks, and others seem like a vacuum was used. Go figure... Nice hunt :thumbup: