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Pinpoint Mode - Sizing - Coil Stationary - Touching the ground


Strange question, but it has me wondering. Is there an ID difference between having the coil stationary in Pinpoint Mode (set to Sizing) and touching the ground verses 1-inch above?

On some targets I`ve noticed a difference.

On weak/deep targets, when the coil is touching the ground the target ID changes--goes to a variable 1 Ferrous. When the coil is 1-inch above, the machine gives vastly different readings.

Is the proper way to keep the coil 1-inch above?



Well-known member
Interesting you bring this up AVXVA. Although I have not seen the instruction in print with my own eyes, I have heard from a couple of various sources that Minelab says EXPLICITLY to NOT scrub the coil on the ground while hunting. I understand that your question is about PINPOINTING but this might coincide with the information I’ve gotten. I’m going to test what you’re saying tomorrow with the Explorer and CTX and see if I can replicate what you’re seeing. The SEPro and CTX both have TID while pinpointing so I’ll be able to confirm or deny later tomorrow….


Well-known member
OK…I finally got outside to my test coins and I have a US Mercury dime buried at 8” deep that I tested. I used the CTX in High Trash target separation which mimics the eTrac in multi tone Conductive. What I observed was this….while sweeping the coil SCRUBBING THE GROUND, the Ferrous numbers were 1-5, depending on the exact sweep. The Conductive number stayed quite stable in the low to mid 40’s. While sweeping the coil JUST AT THE TOP OF THE GRASS, which is 1.5-2” off of the actual dirt…the ferrous numbers went WAY higher into the mid to high 20’s, sometimes low 30’s, while the Conductive numbers remained very much similar to scrubbing the ground. It did the same thing whether I was in regular hunting mode, pinpoint normal or pinpoint sizing….the observation was the same.
This is a little troubling for obvious reasons, but I will continue to observe and pay attention as I hunt more to gather any further reliable information.


On deeper targets (Conductive search setting), when I am scrubbing the ground, my Ferrous number goes to 1 and the Conductive numbers bounce (high 30`s) around--and it doesn`t matter what the actual target is.

When I lift the coil, my Ferrous numbers become more accurate.

I`m working on this as well.


Well-known member
"When I lift the coil, my Ferrous numbers become more accurate."
exactly.... read this thread...