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Well-known member
No. Extreme temps, hot or cold may very well damage the detector.


Well-known member
No Worries... It'll Be Fine....:thumbup:


Well-known member
I wouldnt chance storing anything electronic in extreme temperatures, even with batteries removed/disabled.


Well-known member
The manual says no.
Look at the temp ratings.
I hunt the ice on the beach in winter.
Quite often below zero.
But that's only for a few hours.
Never leave your machine in temp extremes.
Hot or cold.

Mark kus

Well-known member
I hunt all winter long freezing cold sometimes with mine in car and never had a problem with the cold battery will drain


Well-known member
My poor little 2001 Ford Ranger has survived 22 years outside in SE Colorado in temperatures from -15 to 113 degrees. Everything still works like a champ except the mechanical part that changes CDs in the radio. It usually has one detector or another residing inside and they all still work fine too. I would surmise that the space station and satellites have some electronics inside and outside in -454 F. weather, too. I would think problems with the batteries (low voltage, leakage) has more to do with the manufacturers recommendations than the electronics. Maybe Carl NC will respond. He can change my mind easily.

Nothing wrong with storing them where it is warm, however. I would recommend it if you are worried about it. Confidence goes a long ways in detecting situations.


Active member
One of the warmer days in Fairbanks;


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Well-known member
Long term storage of electronics in extreme cold temperatures is not good for them. The components get brittle and weak. Condensation will cause corrosion and damage circuit boards. A good bit of info: .
I would agree with this condensation will kill it going from warm to cold garage gets warm in day and cold at night vice versa it will condensate seen it in my garage you need to keep humidity the same that means air flow otherwise things get wet . sube