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Weekend of weekends- the war nickel story


I just want to say that I was an Equinox skeptic. Anyway, I just received my Equinox or "Nox" 800 this week and could not wait to get out there and put it to the test. So Saturday I took it to a trusty site I knew would produce shallow new coins. So this Saturday I got up early and went to this site just to get acquainted with this new detector. My best detector is my trusty Etrac and I took it along just in case I found the Nox would not work out and I would probably send it back. Long story short I was pleasantly surprised and at the end of the day, I netted several crusty zinc and copper pennies, 13 nickles, 15 dimes, 12 quarters, 1 1971 Denver mint Kennedy half-dollar, two crappy rings, one silver pendant, a small gold plated angel neckless, three pull tabs and NO RUSTY NAILS! I ran it in Park One and had the best time of my life. Yes I know it was all clad but just getting out there and digging these targets that varied from 1 to 7 inches was a blast. I have been to this site with other detectors and hunted the same area and didn't even get close to this kind of coin count. Not just that I spent little time digging trash which was phenomenal due to the number of pull tabs, square tabs, and nails that exists there. The target separation was more than I expected and the target ID was really stable at these depths. By my estimation, I covered a little under a half acre in one search direction. Like most locations in the U.S., I too have to deal with high mineralized soils.

Today I went to the local park which had been in existence since the town was founded in the 1830's and was waiting for my hunting buddy to show up. Meanwhile, I started to swing my Nox in an area I call "screw cap city" due to the number of screw caps that are discarded by our local wine connoisseurs. after a small period of time, I got that 12, 13 signal at 6 inches so I planted my trusty hand digger into the rocky soil and pinpointed a 1943 war nickel. I was elated with the find and couldn't wait to show it off to my hunting Buddy who was running late. I kept swinging and approximately 15 feet from the first war nickel. I received that 12, 13 signal again at 6 inches. Again I plunged my digging tool into the soil and rock to the hilt and a minute later I saw to my surprise another 1943 war nickel. "This could not be happening!" I thought to myself. Two 1943 war nickels in one small trash-laden area. by the time my hunting Buddy arrived, I had gathered my tools, covered my hole and went over to set on a large rock. When he drove up I had the biggest Sh!+ eating grin on my face. He couldn't believe it either so we continued to hunt Screw Cap City for a while longer before we decided to head to our originally planned site. when we got to the other site we dug a few crusties before he dug a 1940 nickel. Now, this is where this story gets a little more bizarre. About 20 minutes after he dug the 1940 nickel. I heard him say "you are not going to believe this" he walked over with his own Sh!+ eating grin on his face and produced a 1943 war nickel. Now before you call BS, I'm with you it is a little hard to believe and I have been a little quiet on this forum until I have had something to share. See the attached Photo


Staff member
Proof is in the pudding Bob, I was hoping to see the pic of your sh** eating grin :clapping:


Active member
Very cool :thumbup: Its great when you know a new detector is a keeper the first time out.
Good story!


New member
Nice finds!

I found 2 in the same hole in a small park I have almost hunted out on my first outing with my 600. I swear mine had higher ID's though. More like 21-22. On the second trip there with the 600, I found another one!

I rarely dig anything in the actual nickel range in that particular park because it is so full of aluminum, so I would have NEVER found them if they rang up in the actual nickel range. In that park, I have always hunted in Park 1.



I agree its a keeper. I did modify the Nox audio to make nickles to sound like higher conductors. This probably helped since the ground was the trashiest part of the park.