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Where Are The New Fisher Models ?


Well-known member
They seem to more keep their cards close to their chest and release when its right for them.


Well-known member
I emailed Fisher about a month ago and ask them the same question and they gave me a link to the products they offer. Same old stuff, nothing new and the won’t actually comment on future detectors. I don’t think they have anything new .I think Fishers parent company has put all there focus on nite vision stuff and other things .

virginia digger

Active member
I hope they don't follow Tesoro and Whites. When you stop producing new technology detectors, other companies such as Nokia/Makro and others are happy to fill the gap. I love my Fisher and Teknetic machines. It seems like it been 10 years since anything new has been produced by them.


Well-known member
#fishermetaldetector In the comments on the F-Pulse,Fisher Research Labs states they are "working"on a Multi-Frequency machine.
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Tot Lot Bandit

Well-known member
I see Kellyco has only 1 Teknetics metal detector model left in stock. Fisher models are getting slim also. First Texas must be done.


Well-known member
Sounds like to me they are losing their top employees for some reason?Maybe they are headed the same way TESORO did:shrug:

Tot Lot Bandit

Well-known member
I heard Russ mention last year that he had been trying out a waterproof 14khz machine. He also said they were working on a multi. Said he expected a Summer release which has gone bye. The dealers have hardly any inventory. Kellyco only has one Teknetics model for sale. It looks like they are just selling off inventory and not producing anything.

jim tn

Well-known member
Kellyco only has one Teknetics model for sale. It looks like they are just selling off inventory and not producing anything.
I suspect any/most Fisher and Tek. detectors now getting sold are from First Texas web site. I know their main business for a long time has been making night vision goggles for the Military. Not sure about anything else along those lines. I still have a small numbers device that I purchased some three or more decades ago with made by First Texas Ind. on it and it is still going strong. The T 2, F 75 platform is still a great platform, but with the next generation of detectors now going strong and being bought by the next generation of detectorists, probably not as viable as they once were. At this point in my life, I'll never have another detector that I found as much silver and jewelry with as I did with a F 75. I was really in hopes that they would come up with something new and great. HH Jim Tn

Bad Company

New member
I've relic hunted for a while now and have been a first texas fan. first an f2, then a t2se,f70,f75se... I waited as long as I could when I started hearing rumors about multi/waterproof machines on the drawing board from them.. I gave up last year and bought a nox 800. Its great on the beach but sucked for me in the woods as compared to the t2 or f75. then with the release of the deus 2 and the price drop of the d1 I sprung for a d1. Sadly have not touched any first texas machines hanging in my garage. I'll never sell them ,cause damn I found a lot of stuff with them, and I'm not saying I'd never buy a first texas again.. but with other good machines out there im not holding back myself for loyalty.


Well-known member
Does anyone know if Mike Scott is still with Fisher/ First Texas ?? He was one of their Reps several years ago. He would post on occasion on various forums. Would be nice to get some straight forward info from FT on their future in metal detectors if any??