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Why so many people dumping the Deus 2


I don’t think I have ever purchased a new detector that did not require a learning period. The Deus 2 has so many programs and so many settings that it will require a longer learning period. This is my first Deus. I have about 20-25 hours on it now and have gone from frustration to excitement at the potential this detector represents. People dumping it? Glad to hear it! There is heavy competition for targets here in Florida. The fewer people around me have this detector, the happier I will be. I have about 50 years experience in metal detecting at this point. Someone with less experience and less interest in the technicalities will have a longer period of frustration learning this detector Before they realize the potential. So far, I have used this detector about 50% of the time on salt water beaches, and 50% in parks. As I have learned the detector I have become more and more impressed with it. It kicks a$$ on the beach. About equal in depth to my Whites TDI but with reliable ID and iron discrimination. IMO better than my Equinox 800, which is no slouch on the beach. I went to an area in a park near me today that I know to be very challenging due to the large number of rusty beer bottle caps, pull tabs, and crushed aluminum screw caps, not to mention the large electrical transformer that drives my Nox crazy. The first thing I saw when I walked up to the area was a bunch of filled-in holes where someone had recently detected. Well, I was looking for a challenge, I got one! Found a quarter right off the bat not far from the previous detectorists work. I spent 2 hours detecting an area about 25x100 ft and found 5 quarters, 6 nickels, 10 dimes, 22 pennies, and a quarter-sized token. I refused to dig any deep zinc targets of which there were probably around 10. Yes, I was cherry picking coins only. Yes, I got fooled twice. Both were large bolts that I would have bet were quarters. I dug some other junk but I was pretty sure they were junk before I dug them due to the jumpy numbers and/or the junky sound. The Deus 2 passed what I consider to be a pretty stiff test with flying colors in this trashy parking area. So, please lose patience with your new Deus and sell it before you realize what a winner it is. Hopefully to someone in another state!

Florida Son

Active member
Veterans Day Remembrance, Nov 11. (y)

Question about Deus II, Florida Beaches. From post quoted below. How does the D2 perform on old silver reales, bronze spike and similar on Florida Beaches.

Hope you make out OK, you got slammed by both Ian and Nicole. Then Nicole went on to devastate Volusion county plus others above us here on the Treasure Coast. Bonsteel seems to have opened up for a few and then there was Captain Jonah at the rocks somewhere pulling out the gold and some silvers. By the time I could get on the Tresure Coastbeaches they had started to fill. But most renourishment sand left and the next strong front might get us back to fall of 2020 conditions.
If you beach hunt as I do, there's a world of difference between the Deus I and the Deus II. I had a Deus I for a short period of time and sold it because it just was not capable of hunting in salt water environments. The Deus II on the other hand is right at home on our Florida beaches.
As many of you know, I was a Minelab guy for many years...had many a Minelab from the E-trac to the Excal, CTX and Equinox ...all good machines for sure but these days, the Deus II is my "go to" detector. State of the art in my opinion and does everything I need and want a detector to do. Honestly, I have no interest in the Manticore. I'm sure it will be a worthy addition to our hobby but I'm done learning new machines. My Deus II and I are buddies. ;)

Regards, Good Hunting
I have owned a few Deus units in the past and no expert but know enough to be deadly. I recently just took out the D2 that was sitting in my closet for a few months. I will tell you this, the EMI issues def not a issue on my end...I was overly impressed and I am running it HOT...99 with little to no issues in multiple locations.

as for the build and target ID based on my older units its above my expectations. Not killing it yet but def enjoying my new ride!!


Active member
I for one, hunt mostly, heck about 99% of the time, on house/commercial demolitions! There is trash from nail, roofing tacks, bits of copper, bits of aluminum, bottle caps, cans, pipes, led, etc,. EVERYWHERE! Every 6 inches has several targets! The D2 desperately needs a small coil, 6" hocky puck, for that type of hunting! I had real issues with the remote falling off, as I used the pin point button and release (yes I know all the real detectorist just use the toe and heel method) and many time I would push the 'return' why the hell is it not a 'push to set and push to release' and it would fall off. I now have the little red doo dad that actually keep it on! Oh and YES I am aware that all the real pros just use tones so they dont need the remote! Bully for you! After 35 years of detecting I use ALL the tools available to make a dig decision! So, at the moment my WS6 has cratered, nothing, wont come on when plugged in with numerous cables, Just wont light up at all, so now I have to us the speakers. Would it have rally mattered if XP had thought a bit to allow wireless headphones from any manufacturer, wireless earbuds to pair up! I guess keeping it all with them made them money!

Am I a bit disappointed with the machine, yes if hunting trashy areas, but if hunting parks or wide open areas it is a good machine, but to me not any better at all than the 800 for what I do and where I hunt!!


Well-known member
I found it pretty easy to learn coming from CTX3030.


Well-known member
I think that when a new detector comes out , people want to be first to have it. It’s not just the XP D2. The same goes for the Legend, and the soon to be released Mantiqore. It can be a blessing for some and a curse for others. I had an ORX and it didn’t have audio options and that didn’t set well with me. I made some good finds with it . Still I wasn’t real happy with it . I couldn’t afford the Full XPD2 in the $1500 price range. So I opted for the Nokta Legend. I made some good finds. But to me the ability to quickly run through the menu of options was a huge letdown for me. Then out of the blue XP offered the D2 Ws6 at an affordable price. Wow I could run through the menu, make quick changes !!!! It checked all the boxes for me !!I am making great finds! Its unmasking ability is unmatched!! I am excited to get to my next hunt with confidence in the detector. !! So when you see NEW detectors for sale , it’s not that something is wrong with it, it just didn’t check all the boxes for the user ,and that usually means reduced prices , which means time to pick up a detector that might peak your interest……… Just a little food for thought. HH Tony

Wild Willy

Well-known member
This past Mon. my brother and my cousin Keith met at my farm to detect a little. Keith had his 800 and my brother and I had the D2. Keith has 2 or 3 years experience with the 800 and my brother and I had only and hour or so experience with the D2. Bro. and I found a few flat buttons and Keith found a really nice 1842 half dime and a Kentucky C.W. coat button along with and eagle cuff (vest?). Does this mean the 800 outperforms the Deus? Not to me it doesn't. Keith had his coil in the right place and we did not. Also, to me, the D2 has a long learning curve. His experience with the 800 meant a lot to him. His machine "talks" to him and mine does not---yet. Last night I picked up a few pointers from Gary Blackwell (Youtube) so I feel much better about going out this morn, I really like Blackwell. This guy really knows the D2 inside and out. Besides, I can understand what he's saying. I'll try the Relic Mode today simply because it really bangs out on targets and I'm about half deaf.