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Recent content by bigtim1973

  1. bigtim1973

    We got a spammer 'buzasius694'

    Lol...I got one too. I just reported it.
  2. bigtim1973

    Elliptical coil

    I know if people who have pulled quarters 12 inches deep with that hf elliptical coil. You could just put it on the lowest offset which 13.3Khz I think. .. Should still be just fine for fields that have been plowed.
  3. bigtim1973

    ID normalization do you ever turn it off?

    I may try this out then. Does it help to find jewelry as well?
  4. bigtim1973

    ID normalization do you ever turn it off?

    Who turns off ID normalization and why? I have not tried this yet myself.
  5. bigtim1973

    Deus Remote Faceplace Replacement

    Call a small time mom and pop XP dealer and see if they can get you one instead of the big time dealers.
  6. bigtim1973

    Deus Remote Faceplace Replacement

    It would not matter as long as it functioned correctly. I think the ORX face is better looking actually. But to each his own.
  7. bigtim1973

    Deus Remote Faceplace Replacement

    I saw a fellow on one of face book groups I am in who found a replacement orx faceplate new and installed it on his deus. Have you tried to find one of those too?
  8. bigtim1973

    Looking for a Fisher 1265 or 1266

    It was there but i guess so.eine bought it. Saw it 3 times the past few days
  9. bigtim1973

    Looking for a Fisher 1265 or 1266

    The big auction site has one up currently
  10. bigtim1973

    New multi frequency machine

    Here you go a snap shot from the ad itself.
  11. bigtim1973

    Question about EMI

    There will be a few khz to choose from to get it quiet
  12. bigtim1973

    Minelab Safari Question

    Well I was going to purchase a new Minelab Safari as well recently. However after talking to the fellow that has some new ones for sale and digging into some serious questions he actually told me I would be better off with the vanquish 540 as it was faster and a lot lighter. Since have...
  13. bigtim1973

    Just ordered another predator digging tool

    What a bummer. Too bad you could not find it. Have watched a YouTube channel with a fellow using one of those. Never knew the model of it. Was always curious about them. I use one of the Sampson shovels with a ball handle or the whites groundhog shovel.
  14. bigtim1973

    The future of Whites metal detectors

    Yes it is a little too late for whites to do anything. It is up to garrett who bought them to make the new whites machine. They have already made their version of a gold machine.
  15. bigtim1973

    Help Me Choose Which Detector to Buy.

    Look on the for sale classifieds here and see if anyone would ship to you.