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Recent content by chuckciao

  1. C

    Simplex Detectors at BigBoysHobbies

    As of today,(12/5/2919, BigBoysHobbies has a limited supply of Simplex Detectors ( both packages) available!
  2. C

    Simplex Software Upgrades

    Regarding future software updates, can they be done with an Apple Macintosh computer? Thanks
  3. C

    Wireless Headphones for the Simplex

    Can anyone tell me if 3rd Party Wireless Headphones like the Miccus SR-71, Trond, etc will work on the Simplex?
  4. C

    Another Satisfied Steve’s Detector Shafts Customer

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Steve from another satisfied customer. I contacted Steve and explained how I was not satisfied with the Equinox shaft and he wrote me back with some excellent options that he could provide. I settled on a two piece CF shaft with cam lock and 4-1/2...
  5. C

    Garrett Pinpointer Falsing!

    I have the original version of the Garrett Pinpointer (not the Pro Pointer) and have noticed that it falses whenever I locate a target. Generally, when it detects the target, it sounds off and when I pull it away, it continues to sound off (no metal near it). To make it stop, I have to shut...
  6. C

    New Equinox update?

    There was talk by Detectival Participants in the UK that Minelab officials spoke about a new update for the Equinox due out next week! Has anyone heard about this?
  7. C

    Discrimination patterns

    I am a new Eq 600 user and would appreciate some feedback from experienced users regarding discrimination patterns. I have been using the stock Park I program to hunt a turn of the century park and have been digging far more trash than I ever did with my CTX. Since my goal is silver coins &...
  8. C

    Garrett Pro Pointers on eBay

    I have been noticing Garrett Pro Pointers AT for sale on eB*** for far less than the normal dealer price of $127.00. Some in the $80.00 range. All are listed as new and the dealer is located in Morocco! I wrote to one and they responded that these were authentic & made in the USA! I can’t...
  9. C

    Equinox Updates?

    Could someone please clarify the following statement made on P. 67 of the Equinox Manual: EQUINOX Series detector have the ability to accept software updates via USB and XChange 2 (Windows or Mac OS compatible). Visit for upto- date EQUINOX Software and installation...
  10. C

    Equinox Resource Center

    As a CTX 3030 user who is interested in the Equinox, I just want to say that I hope that the moderator decides to add an EQUINOX RESOURCE CENTER to the site just as the CTX 3030 site has. This CTX 3030 RESOURCE CTR. has been an excellent resource for newbies as well as seasoned detectorists to...
  11. C

    Help identifying coin

    I found this coin while I was renovating a house. I would appreciate any help in identifying it.
  12. C

    XChange2 Download

    I need to install XChange2 on a new computer but have misplaced my installation disk. Is there a way to install it from the internet? Thanks
  13. C

    Bullett ID

    Found this in an old park and would appreciatet any ID Info. Dimensions 4/8" Dia. (50cal.)? 3/4" Length. Flat bottom, 2 rings, very sharp tip. Any info. regarding weapon used, etc. Was this type of bullett used in CW? Thanks Chuck
  14. C

    Bullett ID

    Found this in an old park. Dimensions are: 4/8" Dia. or .50 Cal. , 3/4" Length. 2 rings, flat bottom. As you can see, it has a very sharp tip. Any help in ID'ing this as to the weapon that fired it, Was this type of bullett used during the CW?, etc. Thanks Chuck
  15. C

    Musket Ball???

    I found this lead ball in a park that had a grist mill on it going back to the 1840's. Although this area saw no action in the CW, it could have come from the time that the mill was operating. The weight is .45oz. or 13g and it is approx. 5/8" in Dia. Would appreciate any help in identifying...