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Recent content by DougF

  1. D

    Election day digs..

    Nice finds - the Cooperative Extension Service is part of the state university which assists farmers with the latest technology, etc. Think Mr. Kimball on "Green Acres". In Maryland they also have CES for industry, I think.
  2. D

    1947 Interview with Corporal Julius Franklin "General" Howell (1846-1948)

    I saw it also - very interesting. he was wounded once, went home to recuperate for couple months. Also mentioned that cavalry soldiers had to supply their own horse, and he lost his at one point. I think cavalry soldiers did get paid a monthly stipend for use of their horse. Also a good...
  3. D

    The old Explorer still amazes me.

    Wow! I've found some coins with junk in the hole, but a 3" x 3" chunk of iron? Great find.
  4. D

    first silver FTY - seated half

    I went back to this location on Monday (6/8), but the grass was still high and I found no silver. Went back this morning, and the guy had just finished mowing, so I went at it. First deep silver signal was about 3 feet from where I found the seated half. Eight inches down was a 1877 seated...
  5. D

    Buried 60-70-80 years!

    Nice find - I've always wanted to find one of those - maybe someday.
  6. D

    Cool 1812 Silver Bavarian 6 Kreuzer

    Great find, congrats.
  7. D

    first silver FTY - seated half

    I've been out a total of five times this year - too many other things going on. I went yesterday morning to a spot in a hammered park where a few years ago I found a seated quarter and a CW era officer's button. The conditions were not good, the dirt was bone dry, and the grass was high. i...
  8. D

    silver medal - 19th century?

    I haven't detected much this year, only about 12 times. Found this on Monday and thought it was worth a post. I was detecting an old park in an area where I've found old stuff before. We've had some rain lately and a few cold spells so the grass is laying down. I was getting good depth...
  9. D

    nice barber quarter

    This one checked off a couple firsts for me - first New Orleans minted coin, and first pre-1900 barber coin. I was hunting this morning in a wooded area in an old park. The soil is very moist due to a summer of rain and the weeds are almost gone, thanks to the deer. I got a good...
  10. D

    SLQ and indians

    I went out this morning for only the second time since June. Too much rain this summer, and I can't take the humidity and heat. The first trip last week I found an 1868 Indian, my first pre-1870 Indian. Today found two Indians only a couple feet apart, 1889 and 1892. They're in good shape...
  11. D

    couple finds

    I've been out only twice this year due to weather (frozen ground in first half of the month). First trip I found a lot of clad, but no old coins. Strange thing is that I hunted an area I have hunted many times and still found 11 clad quarters, and only a couple were shallow. Don't know how I...
  12. D

    weird signal, but it's silver

    I continue to hunt a wooded site in a park where I have found a lot of silver coins (30+) over the last year, but the finds are getting scarce. The last four hunts here I have been digging more nickel signals. Still finding some deep wheat cents, 2 or 3 per hunt. Yesterday I went out for 2.5...
  13. D

    silver among iron

    Finally cooled off here, but no rain for three weeks so it's too hard to dig in the turf. I went back to a wooded area in a park which I've been hitting on and off for about year. Hunted for two hours with just a couple wheat cents (1942, 1952) and a bird band. Then I got a signal which was...
  14. D

    coin spill and "medal"

    Hunting the woods again at a park. The Jamestown tercentennial medal from 1907 was a loud signal like a copper cent. Not too deep. I found some similar pieces online, but the reverse side of mine is in bad shape, can't make out the picture. The coin spill was one of those crazy signals, I...
  15. D

    pair of Mercs

    This morning was the third time in the last two weeks I've hunted this wooded spot in a park. I've found at least one keeper each time. Today was a two hour hunt, with nice cool weather (75). There's a lot of poison ivy here, I got a few spots on my arm two weeks ago, but the Tecnu took care...