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atx cable poor


New member
Hello people
I recently bought an ATX, not me I used it for about three months in these days I have taken over the metal detector with a big surprise in the cable plate. I wonder how can such a thing happen? cables of poor quality used to build an expensive metal detector?





Well-known member
Just thinking it may have not been used with care...My first cable went like yours, caused by the shafts collapsing onto the cable causing some of the "cut" damage. In your top photo you can see that the ID of the lower shaft is just big enough for the coil to fit into. When collapsed the sharp edges cut the outer insulating material. It looks like it white residue on the coiled cable is the result of the shaft not being rinsed every time it came out of salt water. I now rinse the shaft's inside and never push the shaft to its completely collapsed position. What the killer is its replacement the cost of $530, I hope yours is still under warranty. I still can not beat the ATX for finding what my Infinium and two other detectors have missed, it just need so much loving care.


New member
What about the cracks on the inside of the loops? That isn't friction! What the he k is going on with that and why isn't Garrett chiming in?


New member
The metal detector is again 6 months of life. It has been used only 2 times in June once in salt water and once on the ground.
all washed it very well. I think that the cable used is bio-degradable. The white residue believe is mold that has loose cover rubber. What ever happened with other metal detectors type the ctx I possess. (I consider that the ctx for 4 years and has been used a lot in sea water, the cable is still new no sign of abating no mold no residue of salt as if it were a new 4-year cable). however the perfect care of garrett has replaced my plate. but the cable quality is always the same poor quality at first sight. These are my impressions


New member
You said you have taken over the ATX for about 3 months and used it twice and has 6 months of life. How are you going to have this problem if used only twice? Maybe someone else used it other than you or you or someone purchased a ATX with coil that has been swapped. Where was the machine purchased from and is it still under warranty ?


New member
This metal detector is again used only by me. I checked in June before using it after washing I had done the cable was good but I always had the feeling that the cable was not good. In late October I took the metal I realized that the cable was dissolving. the metal still has 14 months warranty active.

This is the cable photos of the new plate.
What do you think will happen? it will fade out again?



Staff member
Call Garrett 1 800 527 4011. Have your serial number ready to confirm the date of purchase. Where are you metal detecting?


New member
The metal is under warranty for another 14 months.
This post has been done to prove my bad experience with 'ATX. IS
see if many owners of ATX have had this problem. The fact remains, however, that the 'ATX is a great metal detector


New member
This is the cable of my CTX has 4 years of life. As we see it is still new.



Well-known member
I heard that Garrett has a "new" cable. I could not confirm if it was just a new coil/cable replaced on one detector or if a change was made in the material of the cable's outer cover for their ATX coils. But for sure, if it your detector is under Garrett NOW. A cable with the cracks will open a path for salt water to enter which will eventually lead to unacceptable operation of the ATX. If out of warranty, bite the bullet and pay for the repair.


New member
The assistance Garrett
replaced the plate with a new
The metal detector is still under warranty for another 14 months. I do not seem to have changed garrett cable quality always poor quality


I can tell you I had my coil cable go bad on mine and had the coil replaced under warranty. Same thing - cracks on the inside of the curls of the cable, so it was not friction or chafing.
The new coil I received has the SAME hairline cracks on the inside of the curls of the cable as well - brand new coil, never even been used yet! I won't go into the details but I was
told by the servicing dealer this would only be replaced ONCE (this time) under warranty. So I have to live with my brand new coil with a cracked cable I guess.
That was direct from Garrett. Perhaps there's more than one reason they are coming out with a new coil. Something to ponder.


New member
Had mine replaced also after 15 months..Tremendous improvement in the detector!

A bit afraid now...if new cable craps out...



New member
The best joke is that all infinium coils works with ATX and all AML - 100 Recon version too. But Garrett says : no ;)hahahahh

Old California

New member
That hapened to my ATX and Garrett replaced the entire stock coil, this was recently.



Well-known member
I believe if you look very closely at what you are calling cracks on the inside diameter of the coil, you will find that they are marks made when the wire was made to coil. They do look bad! Try this: Take a garden hose under pressure and wrap it around a shovel handle and try to coil it tightly and watch what happens. The cuts on the outside diameter look like they were made when pinched by the sharp edges of the collapsible shaft sections. I am not defending the situation, just explaining it. Garrett did replace my coil while under warranty. I have never received better service from any company I have ever dealt with. Try to get another manufacturer's detector sent in, repaired, and returned in 15 days! Garrett really does support the hobby and their customers.