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atx cable poor

WaterWalker said:
I believe if you look very closely at what you are calling cracks on the inside diameter of the coil, you will find that they are marks made when the wire was made to coil. They do look bad! Try this: Take a garden hose under pressure and wrap it around a shovel handle and try to coil it tightly and watch what happens. The cuts on the outside diameter look like they were made when pinched by the sharp edges of the collapsible shaft sections. I am not defending the situation, just explaining it. Garrett did replace my coil while under warranty. I have never received better service from any company I have ever dealt with.

There are plenty of companies with better service! ... All the ones who do better design or source better quality materials or do better QC during manufacture so customers don't see such issues in the first place.

Old California

New member
i think it's the material used that's causing the breakdown, hsppened to both my 8" and stock coil. Garrett replaced the stock coil, Sold the 8" as is for a good deal to someone.

Never had issues with using them underwater with the cables having open wear, i read sonewhere Garrett mentioning this and it's true both my coils operated great even under water.

Eventually, sold my ATX and sure miss it. Currently, using my Recon with a different pi board, 10uS very sensitive. It would be great seeing Garrett coming out with a 10.5" centermount mono coil for the ATX, something slimiar to this coil on my modified Recon.

Recently, a local buddy and i went relic hunting with our Pi's. He was using his ATX, i was swinging the modifed Recon with 10.5" centermount mono coil. Was a fun hunt, especially with our pi's picking tiny pieces of musket balls.

Our vlf will ID these smaller pieces as iron, but the Pi's cut through the mineralzition with ease quickly responding to the mask signals.

If you can John, Or anyone pass this to Garrett. The 10.5" centermount mono is great both land or water. Gets great depth, and wades through water with ease.



New member
In the end I decided to sell my atx at a low price. maybe one day when garrett decide to do a new version with reliable materials and not a tank. Maybe a metal with better quality materials. It's really more suitable for research in all environments and conditions. I will be very happy to come back to buy again garrett
ginos said:
In the end I decided to sell my atx at a low price. maybe one day when garrett decide to do a new version with reliable materials and not a tank. Maybe a metal with better quality materials. It's really more suitable for research in all environments and conditions. I will be very happy to come back to buy again garrett

Been a while for me on this forum. But I agree with ginos ... sold my ATX almost one year ago.
You can't beat Garrett for the quality of the electronics, depth, and ease of use.

ALTHOUGH, as far as I'm concerned, Garrett can fire the Housing, Shaft, and Coil design team and start from scratch. I've had a love/hate relationship with my ATX from the moment I purchased one of the firsts units after the ATX was first released. Everyone knows all the reasons why the physical design is a total sand clogging, heavy swinging in/out of water boat anchor, and my old threads on this forum spell it out pretty good. Why they continue to design new coils for the housing of this thing is beyond my understanding.

I was lucky...a few months after my original coil was replaced under warranty because of falsing due to frayed coil wire... is when I sold it. Being I got a 30% discount off of retail price when it was first purchased, only took a 250.00 hit when I sold it. But that was only a hit on paper because the ATX found way more then what I paid for it.

HH to you all and good luck to this forum.


Well-known member
As for the difference between the ATX and the CTX is the area inside the shafts that can pinch the cable,
The CTX from the photo above and my poor memory there is only one thin tube that has a possibility to pinch the cable where as
the ATX has three thicker tubes to damage the cable.
My action when collapsing the shaft is to STOP as soon as I feel resistance. Also a full turn of the shaft in the control housing mount will loosen or tighten the coil which may have an affect on the way the shaft will collapse.
Of course a thorough fresh water rinse is a must especially after a salt water hunt to keep things gliding smoothly.


New member
As I imagined. Five months after replacing the plate of the inner cable was again dissolved. The ATX is allergic to sea water.
When garrett take a stand and say that they did biodegradable plates?


New member
They are sold ATX. I was contacted today by the person to whom I have sold and he realized that the cable was dissolved after the flat had been changed. Still has nine months of active garrett guarantee change. Personally I ATX with a thousand problems I faced I wont even if given


New member
Has anybody recently bought a ATX and knows that the machine was made recently and is having this issue still? I hope the tread dies out I'm tired of all the negitive that the ATX is getting . Why doesn't anybody post anymore.


New member
Does the atx still have cable problems with the newer style coils now? Probably too early to say, just wondering if they improved the design to prevent dry rot and or cable damage inside the rod.


New member
doc holiday232 said:
THE REASON WHY I have not bought the ATX---a known problem from a company who doesn't care what you think.

I have owned other garrett products and they seem to be pretty good, some seemed to be lightweight cheaply made, but then took a beating and impressed me. I have not tried the ATX yet, I have purchased the new basic pkg 11x13, hopefully I do not have to post those nasty kind of pictures later....I will not be hunting in saltwater at all though. There must be replacement coil wire out there of better quality that we could splice in if that is an option....I was thinking of waiting for a new pi to come out from garrett, but I could be waiting i am sure that now that my purchase is made they will announce a new pi detector this spring!


Have had my ATX since Nov.2013, never had any problem with the 12x10"DD coil dipping the nose as was reported by many in the first years ...... there was/is a very simple fix to that problem!

I've got 6 coils for the ATX, had 7 but gave one away to a friend, none of these coils have trouble with the coil wire ..... again there is a simple what to do "fix" that help reduce the risk of cable damage.

Since I've had my ATX since 2013 when it first became available I do not consider the ATX as being NEW, my guess is that if something should happen that require repair Garrett would not not regard this ATX as new either!

doc holiday232

New member
I'm not bashing everything garrett--my favorite all time detector is a 1976 Garrett Deep Seeker with which i found over 100 cannon projectiles,from 6lb balls to 100 lb Parrot shells--I'm saying that the wide spread complaints about dissolving cable wiring is VALID and has NOT been fixed--SO I will NOT be buying Garrett until it's fixed.