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Recent content by TheMetalDetective

  1. TheMetalDetective

    🎩🎩🎩 WHATS THE 3️⃣ BIGGEST TIPS YOU WOULD GIVE to a newbie? 🎩🎩🎩

    Ditto the other comments. All are good advice. Remember to swing low and slow.
  2. TheMetalDetective

    hunting rings with CTX or eTrac

    Most of the gold/silver should display as 12-(varies) as it will depend on the settings of the CTX, since there are differences with Ground Coin or Ferrous Coin vs High Trash or Low Trash settings. I’ve noticed that the signal is always solid for good targets, and I typically switch to no...
  3. TheMetalDetective

    Equinox Locks up!!

    I’ve had my Nox 800 for a few years and have not experienced this issue. As others have already suggested, check your recovery speed setting and slow down your swing to see what happens. I typically run my recovery on 5, but my swing is about 3-4 seconds side to side. Also, what version of...
  4. TheMetalDetective

    Spring is coming fast !

    I went out yesterday and hit a lot of great signals that just couldn’t be reached through the frozen ground. I picked up some surface clad. It was more of a recon trip to see if a return to the area is worth it after the thaw. In full disclosure, I didn’t use my E-TRAC yesterday, but might on...
  5. TheMetalDetective

    Got a couple nice surprises yesterday...

    Nice finds. All I got today was surface clad due to frozen ground. It wasn’t a complete bust as we were able to do some recon of the area and plan to return once the ground thaws in a few weeks.
  6. TheMetalDetective

    Maiden Hunt with Deus II Did not Dissapoint

    Congrats on the Deus II and the finds. 👍
  7. TheMetalDetective


    Nice medallion. St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers.
  8. TheMetalDetective

    Sling/Harness for Equinox 800?

    To add on to my original comment, and also ditto what WaterWalker posted, I purchased a second “J” rod and my Pro-Swing has one on both sides to allow me to effortlessly and quickly use either right-hand or left-hand swing. I can easily go out for a full day of detecting and not wind up with...
  9. TheMetalDetective

    Where are all the CTX users?

    The Andy Sabisch book and YouTube videos will help to get you acquainted with the CTX-3030, but time in the field with your CTX and you will learn its full potential. It’s going to take time and patience to truly understand it. Happy hunting.
  10. TheMetalDetective

    Sling/Harness for Equinox 800?

    I have Minelab’s Pro-Swing 45 that I use with my CTX and I will often use it with my Equinox 800. Yes, the PS-45 is higher priced, but the framing in it distributes the weight better than an over the shoulder sling in my opinion.
  11. TheMetalDetective

    "New" Sovereign on the way

    Congrats! Post some pics when you receive it.
  12. TheMetalDetective

    I’ve never updated my machine…

    When I did the first update it seemed like the zinc penny TID changed to the dime TID range, but hey, it’s clad coin. Silver still rang up where I needed it. I’ve upgraded to the latest firmware (last year I believe) and I haven’t noticed any negative issues.
  13. TheMetalDetective

    I am leaving Findmall.....Moderator please delete my account.

    Sorry to see you leave, CD. Just ignore the haters and keep doing what you love doing with the equipment that you want to use. Some people will always have a negative opinion about everything.
  14. TheMetalDetective

    Is it true?

    I'm planning on posting mine this evening that I've only used about three times. It is in excellent, like new condition and will post several pics. The machine pretty much looks like it just came out of the box. If you like to see it first I can PM them your way. The only reason for selling...
  15. TheMetalDetective

    Prayers Requested Please

    Praying for Katie and for God to heal her and bring her comfort.