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First target with Equinox, and to boot didn't have a clue what I was doing. 1846 $5

Old California

New member
An exciting and confusing day, Equinox arrives late in day with only a couple hours daylight left. Charged Equionx for 30 minutes, raced out to a nearly site one of our two oldest in my area.

Not a clue what the heck I was doing, stayed with Field 2 mode. Tried to Ground balance and don't think I got it right. Did do a proper Noise Cancel that was simple, sensitivity ok settled with 20. All other settings, I'll have to learn tonight and tomorrow after going over the manual.

First target out pops a 1846 $5 gold coin, and to be honest didn't know what the heck I was doing. Area is open field, soft dirt recently plowed. Pre-1850 trail went though here first used by Native American Indians, then pioneers. Two weeks ago, dug an 1834 Bust quarter just 30-40 yards away.

Called the property owner, he is on vacation and years ago I had mentioned to him if I dig a gold coin it's going to him. It finally happened, boy he deserves it for allowing me and a friend Denny to search here anytime.

Coin has no mint, but a beauty especially from one of our two oldest sites in my area.

Thanks everyone for looking, looking forward to learning the Equinox.

HH, Paul


Wow.. what a beautiful coin and an amazing find..what a way to start with the Nox. Congrats

Old California

New member
Thanks Pan,

Going over the Manuel while the Equinox is charging, then I'll start playing with the features.

To be honest, before the gold coin surfaced. I knew the equinox was not set right especially not being properly ground balanced. Was too quiet, didn't seem to have any depth. Was plain luck the gold coin surfaced, Was down between 6" to 7" inches, second dig it sails flat on top of ground. And I knew that instant it was a $5 gold piece, tomorrow will be better prepared with understanding the equinox.

I'll have the coin for a few more days, when property owner returns from vacation I'll hand it over.

Thanks again,


Well-known member


You know, you are almost CERTAINLY the first person in HISTORY to get a new machine, run out to test it, and the VERY FIRST TARGET DUG is a GOLD COIN!!!

You just set a record, my friend, I am almost CERTAIN of it!!!

MAJOR congrats to you on a bucket-list, find-of-a-lifetime, and it was your FIRST EQUINOX TARGET!!!

Jesus Paul, it could only happen to you!:clapping: I’m glad to see your still alive and kicking :detecting: I’m not surprised your going to give it to the land owner. You’ve been doing that type of thing for years, but dude, it’s a gold coin:twodetecting:. Can’t wait to get mine and have some fun too. HH Randy


Active member
Kudos to you on a spectacular find and even more kudos for being a man of your word. You are a class act!


Well-known member
Not many if any can say that the first find was a gold coin, Congratulation Paul and sure hope you find another that you can keep.
Been detecting since 1973 and still looking for my first gold coin,maybe this year???



Well-known member

That’s about as good as it gets swinging a detector.



Active member
Congratulations Paul, that's awesome :beers:

My fourth target with my new EQ800 (on Thursday) was an awesome gold ring. TomCA and I recon'd a relic site this afternoon, and it looks like it's going to be a good one! Tom dug an 1849 French silver coin, but the site is much older. We both dug plenty of relics, so are chomping at the bit to go back :thumbup:


Des D

New member
According to a recent article in a UK magazine, the author appears to suggest not to mess around with Ground Balance and leave it @ 0 (unless Noise becomes excessive e.g. on rough plow, excessive mineral content)
You report your NOX 'was quiet', so it appears that it didn't matter on your plowed field?

"To be honest, before the gold coin surfaced. I knew the equinox was not set right especially not being properly ground balanced. Was too quiet"

Congratulations on finding a Gold AND for handing it over to the Landowner that gave you the permission to enjoy your hobby...well done!!!


Well-known member
Fabulous return on both of your investments.

I had a very good friend who obtained permission with similar agreement.
He would show the land owner his finds and the land owner could pick any thing he might want to keep.
Well Mac found an Eight Reals, yes the owner kept it.
About a year later Mac found a second Eight Reals and the owner picked it up, saw it was nicer than the one he had already chosen.
After a few words about the coins the land owner said "Mac, I have one and treasure it, this one is yours, Thank You."

The friend ship grew and Mac was given permission to sponsor a Club Hunt on the owner's land. The owner never kept another find.
He did however enjoy seeing the unique item that were dug on his land and swapping stories of the area that remains in his family for over 200 years.

Good luck on your future hunts and relationship with the land owner.


Well-known member
Boy,I thought I was lucky last year digging a Morgan on my birthday and then a Franklin on July 4. I guess I’m not that lucky....:lol:
Firstly,incredible find. Secondly,incredible honesty to give it away exactly as you said you would. I’m hoping he lets you keep the second!
Congratulations on a bucket lister for anyone Paul,that’s going to be good juju for a long time to come.



Well-known member
Way to go Paul.
I think you and the Nox will get along just

Seriously, a nice find.

Nox is a real unmasker for me in my dirt.



Mark kus

Well-known member
Sweet find congratulations nothing can compare to finding a gold coin!

jim tn

Well-known member
Great find, Paul. I learned many decades ago that sometimes its best not to know what you are doing. LOL Way to go and very nice giving the piece to the landowner. Good luck! HH jim tn


Staff member
:surprised: Well done Paul Times three first on a killer gold coin, second hunting fresh out of the box and third sticking to your agreement with the land owner. May you be rewarded many times over!!
I am in agreement with Des D. if it ain't broke don't fix it, the Equinox should run quiet. I wish you extended good luck on learning your new Equinox!!