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Recent content by stan in colo

  1. S

    Tesoro Diablo umax

    Anyone know what this detector is worth. Good condition.?
  2. S

    What is the first sign of a bad coil?

    Hey all,Ive been hunting,with a 5x10 Joey coil.And lately,it seems I cant get a solid hit on anything except,large Iron or surface targets.Been hunting a street that is being redone,and the finds are there,I finally found an IH,but it was only 2 inches deep.I am getting lots of chirps and...
  3. S

    5 Inch EXcellerator coils

    Is there any difference between the 5 inch blue labeled coil and the 5 inch EQ2 pro coil?I just got the EQ2 coil,and I keep seeing the Blue labeled coil here and there, and was just wondering if there was a difference.............stan
  4. S

    Anybody ever use the Sunray X12?? if so....

    I need some info, How stable is it? Do you have to turn down the sensitivity or gain to get it to stabilize. I just bought one.And as soon as I turned on my XS it just went nuts. I couldnt even hunt with it.Kind of figured it was the location,but now as i have used it in several places,it is...
  5. S

    Wot vs 11 Pro coil

    Just how well does the WOT coil work...Is it a deep coil? Hows the separation? Ive read alot on the New Pro coil and I am eager to hear how they compare. Stan
  6. S

    Fathers Day Surprise:yikes:

    Hi every body,I usually dont post much,but on Fathers Day I had a nice surprise.I was out hunting the city park,that i must say has been ppounded pretty hard over the years.But,I am still finding silver there.Fisrt off I havent found a silver quarter in the "wild".Until now. I was hunting the...
  7. S

    Whats the difference if any between the Discovery 3300 and Titan 3000XD?

    Hi, a friend of mine is thinking on buying a Titan 3000,and he was asking me if there is any differenc between the discovery and the titan.I didnt know if there was any difference they look the same to me,just different color scheme...........thanks stan
  8. S

    Coil Tek vs. Excellerator

    Hey all you Explorer guru's,Im looking at getting an accessory coil,and need to know how you all feel as to which is the better or if there is any difference at all.thinking of a Joey or the Excellerator 4.5 x 7.Or maybe WOT vs a 12 or 18 Excellerator...
  9. S

    Safford Az area

    Just wanting to know if anybody on here is in the Safford Az area,Will be down ther next weekend,Would like to hunt nuggets or whatever...let me know Stan
  10. S

    Safford Az.Im on the way

    Anybody here hunt in the Safford area? Ill be down there next weekend,wouldnt mind hunting nuggets for an afternoon or whatever..let me know Stan.
  11. S

    :help:Pinpointing Question

    I seem to be having problems pinpointing,Sometime I am right on the money and most of the time im way off,so far off that I have given up trying to find several targets.I know the lay of the coin has a lot to do with it.Shallow targets arent quite so bad but the deeper ones are driving me...
  12. S

    Went back to the city park....

    This heavily hunted park is now coughing up silver with my Explorer XS spent about an hour and found a 1920 merc,and 1928 wheatie.It dawned on me on the way home,Im going to have to rehunt everwhere I have hunted before,now that I have a machine that goes Deeeeeep. both oldies were around 8-9...
  13. S

    First time out with my New/Used Explorer XS

    Today I went out for the first time to really try out the Explorer.. decided to take it to a park that has been hunted hard for a long time.Figured if I found something good ,maybe it was worth it.Well much to my surprise I did, found 2 mercs in an area I could see somebody had been there within...
  14. S

    Minelab Advantage

    Hi all I know this is an Explorer forum,but can anybody give any info on an advantage.How well does it handle iron,my main deep will it go etc,if you have ever used one,tell me your likes and dislikes...thank stan