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Where are all the CTX users?


Well-known member
I bought my new CTX3030 30 days ago. Very few CTX owners post here any more. Lots of good archival stuff. Did they all buy Nox 800 or XP Deus detectors?
Same with other forums. Actually this is the best forum for CTX info. It is just older stuff. Which is not bad, because CTX info is pretty timeless. Just wondering.
Congrats on the CTX. I'm new to the CTX as well. Just received it the other day and got out with it for a few hours this morning and I can tell I'm going to love this thing. Found a few clad coins and a copper disc about 8" deep. Thought at first it was an LC cause it's the same diameter, but it's really thin and can't make out any details. Possibly a flat button but I didn't see where a shank would have been attached.

When I started looking into the CTX I also noticed there wasn't many newer posts, but there is still a ton of good info out there. I watched a ton of videos and studied Andy's book, in addition to browsing the forums. Seems like folks really like the Nox and Deus. I have both (and AT Pro) but I'm ready to off-load the 800. I know some people really love the Nox but I just couldn't connect with it. I'm sure it's a great machine for some, but not me. I dug more trash with it then I do with the AT Pro. Yeah, the CTX is a little on the heavy side but when I dig more keepers than trash - ON MY FIRST HUNT WITH IT - I'll gladly deal with the weight!
Our experiences are pretty very similar. Six years ago I bought the AT Pro. Fine machine, very easy to use, will find stuff and the best customer service I have experienced. After three years in Mar 2018 got caught up in the Equinox hype and sold the AT Pro and bought the Nox 800.
I made a big mistake with using the Nox. I tried to use every feature on the machine with not really knowing what I was doing. So 90% of the time probably in the 1st year was using a detuned machine. Should have just stayed in park 1 or 2 or field 1 or2.

But even after I learned it, it was picking up way too much trash, especially small trash. Cut back the sensitivity and there went the depth. I know the 800 is a very good machine, but just not for me in urban Atlanta that is super trashy.

Was advised by several forum members I trust to go to the CTX3030. What? go backwards to a machine introduced in 2012? They convinced me and I have been a happy puppy ever since. I have had it 30 days now. Found my first Civil War bullet, a silver dime and several wheaties. Lots to love about the CTX. FE-CO color display, ease of making patterns and audio tone ID's with Xchange2, finally a depth meter that is pretty darn accurate and tells you the depth in inches and not bars that are approximate if that. Collapsing shaft with cables inside that is a huge time saver for me. FE-CO color display that target trace almost makes it like a little underground radar. I deal with the weight issue with the Minelab swing harness. I have total confidence with the CTX producing for me in my trashy urban hunting areas.

There is one super trashy park near my home that is full of screw caps and other bits trash like zipper pulls that fools the CTX into thinking they are coins. I am not sure any detector can tell the difference on those problem items. The worst are the Pepsi screw caps. And I cannot go by depth since they are anywhere from 12 inches deep to 3" inches deep.

Maybe we can keep this sub-forum for the CTX alive. You are right, lots very good stuff here if you go back some. Lots of good videos. Andy's books is good on the CTX. Not so good his book on the Equinox. I am waiting for my Clive Clynick book on the CTX. It seems to be lost in the Christmas rush, ordered it two weeks ago. Clive's books on the Equinox were very good. Also almost anything your read about the E-trac it you can apply to the CTX.
I’m here…. Here’s my goods from the long weekend!


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Nice finds!!!! What type of hunt site was that?
Still here. :)
Health issues have slowed me down a little, but I'm trying to get back to normal.
(Although the wife says that the word "normal" shouldn't appear in any description of me, lol.)

I bought my new CTX3030 30 days ago. Very few CTX owners post here any more. Lots of good archival stuff. Did they all buy Nox 800 or XP Deus detectors?
Same with other forums. Actually this is the best forum for CTX info. It is just older stuff. Which is not bad, because CTX info is pretty timeless. Just wondering.
Here the deal. Am a long time 3030 user and still convinced FBS is still the most inovative feature to have ever hit the MD market. But my go to machine 90% is the Deus as the 3030 is hopelessly prone to mechanical failure and getting satisfactory service from ML is very frustrating. Have used it little for 2 years now. Former users are going to machines that are lighter, quicker, less expensive with fewer useless bells and whistles. May need to replace my present one and will have to really think hard before I make that comitment or go to a different brand. IMO know when you're warranty expires and if its still your "go to" sell a year before then and purchase another one if thats what you want. Best.
My ctx is about 6 years old and never had any issues. Still running the original battery. I use it a lot almost every weekend through the summer. I also do a lot of recovery calls every year with it.

What problems did you have?
Yeah I’ve used mine since April 2016 relentlessly with very few issues. I don’t hunt water though, which seems to be where some problems crop up. I just sent mine in for a cable that had finally cracked internally from 7 million coil changes…but that’s expected sooner or later. Service was prompt and reasonable, but not always that way with everyone. I wouldn’t be opposed to going to something lighter, quicker and with less bells and whistles at a lower price if… found me anywhere NEAR what the CTX has. There in lies my issue. I’ve tried TWO EQX 800’s. Easy to use, easy to learn, didn’t find me sh*t. For my own very specific target that I’m looking for, FBS has still been king. The Deus2 might be an option, I will have to keep the information coming to see if it’s as good a coin hunter at depth as the CTX has been. And of course, ML will certainly have something brewing, so it’ll be interesting to see what the next year brings!
Since the CTX came out some time ago, you guys are not in the learning stages like I am. Of course this is the fun, fun, fun stage coming from a frustrating (but good) Nox 800. The only way I could control the Nox from picking up every little small piece of metal when relic hunting was to turn the sensitivity down and there goes some or a lot of your depth. I am hunting Civil War relics in urban Atlanta Civil War sites that are pocketed here and there around smaller parks, along right-a-ways and creek banks. CTX is much more easy to control and is quiet and deep. Nice.
I dont post much, but for the CTX I will take a shot. To me it is the absolute best target ID machine ever. So may features to assist in making a decision as to dig or not dig. I got one of the first 5 in Houston, had a bad coil but since then ZERO problems. As for ML service, it was atrocious in the first year, hell, it was worse than atrocious! It totally sucked until ML got new people involved. Since then I have heard of zero service issues. I had the E-trac (sold it), got CTX and then the 800. I carry both with me every hunt.
Just got my CTX dec30, have 40 hrs in auto sensitivity and 10 hours in manual sensitivity. Just starting to see her true power!
Just got my CTX also and have not done any detecting with it yet. I have watched a lot of youtube videos and I'm reading a book by Andy Sabich. I am hoping to understand this thing before I head out with it. I don't have another detector and I have no previous experience detecting, so I'm trying to take it slow.