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Recent content by Bowie

  1. B


    Not wanting to hijack a thread;I noticed you mentioned a broken foot and I am sorry for you and hope you heal soon. Hope you have Larry waiting on you,lol. But I couldnt help to be curious,hope you dont mind. You werent partaking of Jello Shots were you, when that happened??? Take care and...
  2. B

    OK,what has been your favorite,pet, detector

    Maybe you dont have it anymore,as me;or maybe you do. It may not be the best (as we know ,one machine can excel at certain type of hunting type than an another machine) but one that always has a good feeling,memories for you. Mine was the XL Pro. That machine in a trashy environment was slow...
  3. B

    G2 park hunting?

    I have been without a detector for over a year now,,,just seems I stay so busy, no time. Last machines I had were F75 and ETrac. Just curious if any of you do any park hunting for coins. I have an old park close by and hit it when I dont have time to hit old home sites out in agriculture...
  4. B

    Classic 3

    Ran across a Classic 3 at a sale. Gave 150 bucks for it. Looks like its hardly been used. The owner passed away several years back and his wife said he didnt use it much. I dont really need it but knew some of you guys really loved these machines. I didnt know its worth but thought for sure...
  5. B

    which of you strictly hunts in a relic style scenarios?

    I hunt mainly in ag fields where a home once stood,lots of rusted nails,farm implements and my ground is relative mild. With the MXT/MXTPro what is your set up on the machine,what coils work best? I enjoy a 2 tone and even use one tone in these areas. Trying ,hoping to keep masking down a...
  6. B

    XP GMP

    Any of you guys using this machine?? If so, would you mind sharing your experience. Operation,learning curve,type of huning. Typed in a search for it, but came up with nothing. Thanks, John
  7. B

    Relic hunting,hunters

    can be different types/places. Exactly what are you seeking? Anything/everything?? Well, I for one seek everything but usually looking for conductive metals,more so than iron. As I think back, I hardly ever,probably never (it would have been accidental) seek iron artifacts. But, at times...
  8. B

    small coil

    I have been enjoying my ETrac it seems more and more. It has its place (s) and heavy iron littered sites (for me anyway) isnt one of them. I have a 8 inch Sunray but I classify that as a midsize coil. I just cant make my mind up between two of the excelerator coils,4.5x7 or 6" eq2. Just...
  9. B

    4 tone conductive?

    I use multi but was curious if any of you use just the 4 tone??? Guess I should experiment. John
  10. B

    relic machines

    my relic hunts take place in agriculture fields, cotton,corn,soybean etc. after crops are gathered. Old home and plantation sites. Via another forum,Ive become interested in iron disc and its range on various detectors. I am trying to learn,so please take it easy on me. What I know of iron...
  11. B


    Been thinkin about grabing one before they are all gone,,if I can find one,lol. Umm, been using a ETrac for 3 years now, I mainly use it in the parks,school yards and sometimes old home sites. Also have been using a F75se for about a year now,, I like to take it out into the fields where old...
  12. B

    face shield

    I have a Sunray protective cover,but the glare is terrible many times. Seems I recall a face plate shield being mentioned somewhere. Any of you guys know anything about it and maybe tell me where I can get it?? Thanks, John
  13. B

    13" Ultimate coil, are any of you

    still using this coil? Ive had pretty good luck with the Pro;but, you know how it is, always wondering if the grass is greener on the other side,lol. If you have/do, would you mind giving me your take on it, is it worth the purchase. Im wanting another coil. I only have the Pro and 8 inch...
  14. B

    Up Averaging

    Didnt know really where to post this, thought maybe technology forum, so if Ive posted in wrong forum,I am sorry. I know,believe if trash is over a target, then, I believe a machine will never see it. But when trash is beside target or off to the side,maybe touching, a detector will up average...
  15. B

    Patterns and settings

    There is a sticky and Bill S pattern. But I would like to see what some of you guys are using as patterns and your settings, while hunting parks and schools and what are your main goals/targets. Are you after old coins (thats me) and not clad, and maybe jewelry if it gets in the way. I usually...