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Recent content by cypearl

  1. C


    What’s sat on v3i stands for? Forgive me if that was answered before cause I haven’t used my v3i more than 4 years now and I lost my manual too. Thanks for a reply
  2. C

    The 2 scary things that I found.

    Once while I was digging a target I have hit with my diging tool trough a deodorant spray which has been dumped in a field I was working and unearthed with a high pressure and dust to my face. I was scared that day of the fear I found a some kind of explosive!
  3. C

    Need help with a find

    Probably copper in it. I usually break this stones with a hammer and I can see the copper inside.
  4. C

    Depth how do you measure

    Hi daddy flea, Have you tried filters? Depth meter not so important my opinion but filter will eliminate ground for false signals and will alow you to raise sensitivity for depth.
  5. C

    V3 Ground Filter Talk.

    Hi postal two, I was using 5 band filter most of the time cause I thought was deeper after reading a few posts, but I had to cover large areas so I was sweeping fast and I was wondering why only surface targets sounded good and changing to the coin and jewelry preset I have found deeper and...
  6. C

    Has anybody Experienced this sound?

    Is that an overload tone.?
  7. C

    V3 Ground Filter Talk.

    Great post Mike, it really clears my mind now on why I was using 5 band on a great program I found for use and when I used the coin and jewelry preset was deeper. Thanks again. V3i always found good targets though hardest to find for other detectors I have used.
  8. C

    Robs Links

    Lol, Hello there guys, I hope you are having a great new year start at least there, I can't believe we lost Robs' links though, sure I used them as reference. I only saved one to on my computer. V3i is a great detector and certainly gives enjoyment when it reveals valuable things deep in the...
  9. C

    V3i Sensitivity Settings

    I was wondering guys where if coins are five millimeters of size and how somebody would distinguish between a false signal from something in the ground what should we do.? Not a joke for those they hunt romans of course.
  10. C

    10X12 SEF coil

    My sef 10x12 runs 15 gain and 45% signal loss lately and I just can't say what' s the reason. But Just a week ago was running 15 gain with tx boost on without a problem. I noticed tx boost on over 60 signal loss overloads persistent. I am thinking plugging back my 10dd because of that, I had no...
  11. C

    Well gonna try a lithium ion batt..

    Ok thanks Robert.
  12. C

    Well gonna try a lithium ion batt..

    I think I didn't check the voltage meter but I can remember that I picked it up from my charger where I put it that morning with led showing just red
  13. C

    Well gonna try a lithium ion batt..

    Well that what my detector's indicator was showing 11 about voltage.
  14. C

    Well gonna try a lithium ion batt..

    Robert I had an effect lately with v3i the detector could n't pick up at 2" air testing a quarter and I had a fully charged the nimh whites pack so a buddie told me that could be a battery problem so I shift to alkalines and the detector could pick the quarter at twelve again. So is it true and...