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Recent content by jkline

  1. J

    How i hunt with a 6 inch coil

    @pull-- anybody can chime in and correct me if I'm wrong: I cannot separate the two targets. I have found that like a nickel/pulltab near a conductive coin, the signal gets pulled downward-- so a silver dime comes across as a penny.
  2. J

    The Equinox sucks

    @fw-- I did FE and FE2. Each from zero to four. It didn't make a difference on the 'invisible' quarter. In other plugs, the higher the FE, on both, the less distinguishable the quarter was. I seemed to be getting the best results with very low FE/FE2 and a recovery speed of 4.
  3. J

    Got out again this afternoon to same place I found the Barber Quarter.

    There is just something magical about those Mercs. I love 'em.
  4. J

    The Equinox sucks

    Well, I've experimented, two days in a row, same plug, same site. Factory reset. Loaded the earlier software version as somebody mentioned earlier.. Programmed Andy S. In the original plug the Nox will still not give a single hint there is a silver quarter therein. CTX and Etrac hit it...
  5. J

    Big Silver Exposed / Old Detailed Cross / 1917 Dog License Tag

    What coil are you using? Thx
  6. J

    Need your 2 cents on a different coil......

    I have a Tornado coil, which stays on most of the time, and a 6" SEL which I probably don't use as much as I should. I never use my stock coil anymore, which is maybe bad strategy. I vaguely remember some Elmy posts on this subject. Do a search. Best,
  7. J

    The Equinox sucks

    Thx earthly. New machine. Latest software. 50 tones. The tone on the quarter was that of a penny. Andy S. FE 0. Rec speed 4. Sensitivity 24. If the weather is fine, I might go back out to that plug with quarter and play some more.
  8. J

    The Equinox sucks

    Guys, I find silver with the Nox. For months I have often been swinging two machines at the same time, because the Nox nearly missed a seated quarter at 4". That was a wtf moment. That your machine finds coins does not disprove the point. The Nox finds coins, which is why I haven't wrapped...
  9. J

    The Equinox sucks

    You are right Bud. There are certain conditions, and I can't pinpoint what kind, where a coin is invisible to the machine. That quarter was 'in your face' with the F75 and the Etrac. That the Nox was giving an iffy zincoln signal is pretty frustrating.
  10. J

    The Equinox sucks

    Sunday morning last: I go back to where Ronstar found a Barber dime. The Saturday he found it, I gridded with the Nox an hour later. Zip. The next day I go back with the Etrac and gridded the same 100 sq feet-- Score! Just 5' away from Ronstars plug: 1937 Merc. this isn't the first time...
  11. J

    Two holes different ending. Plus old local token!

    Correction Ron, the Nox wasn't working.
  12. J

    While Ronstar is busy showing off... lol

    Our schedules were at odds today-- I hunted in the morning for coin, then late forenoon for birds, then late afternoon we met up-- I found this little gem with the ctx. It was an iffy signal day, and I found this baby 8" deep in a spot I've been over many times-- just 4" away from a seated...
  13. J

    Deep nickel VDI numbers

    Honestly, the Nox sucks when it comes to nickels. 12 to 13 are the best reading: if the vdi drops to 11, I'll usually pass. Same with 14, but have gotten them anywhere between 11 and 14. 12/13 are the best numbers, but be prepared to dig lots of trash. Swinging the Nox, I usually just skip...
  14. J

    Two in the hole

    @Elmy-- stop it, you're killing me! Nox-- just had a cortisone injection in my hand. My hand is sore! Every oz counts right now. I might need more info on how you customized your units. A beep n dig could have found these. Weird: I found a copper memorial at 6" 2' away and these two...
  15. J

    issues ground balancing my Nox 600

    I think the problem is your expectations, not the machine. My gb ranges from 20 to 40 in my conditions.