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Recent content by metalfun

  1. M


    Any pros or cons or advice on the new update? I downloaded the update last night but couldn't tell any difference on my first short hunt today. I'm still trying to learn the Nox but only have around 50 hours on it. STILL NO SILVER but I"ll get there.
  2. M

    Price of Equinox???

    Don't know if this is ok to post but I done a search on the internet and someone is selling the eq. 600 for $200 less than I paid for mine. In fact the 800 was less than I paid for the 600 new. I thought all the dealers had to stay in line with there pricing. Any comments? Thanks
  3. M

    Type of Buttons

    Hey guys I am not a relic hunter bot pictured below are 3 buttons I've found over the years and wondered what they are and maybe how old? The backs are off all three and two of them might be the same not sure. Thank you guys for any help on the kind of button or date range. HH
  4. M

    Pinpointing Question In Fresh Water

    Hey guys was wondering if you guys have any pointers on pinpointing in the lake when you can't see your coil. I have a garret pin pointer but the one I have is not water proof. Thanks in advance. I'm using the nox 600.
  5. M


    Hey guys was wondering what the best settings might be for my Nox 600? I,m going hunting in a fresh water lake for the first time on Monday. Thanks in advance for your help. :jump::jump::jump:
  6. M


    Going to the coast for a wedding next weekend. Going to take my Nox 600. Any help on settings or advise on using the Nox would be great. Only had it for two weeks and I,m totally GREEN. Please Help. Thanks Guys and Gals.HH
  7. M

    update question

    Just got my 600 last week. I read on the forum that if it had the update it would state so on the box. Doesn't say it anywhere on the box.Does this mean it needs an update? Thanks and hope this is not a dumb question.
  8. M

    Nox 600 Question First Time User

    Hey guys hope this isn't a dumb question but I tried my new 600 out for the first time in my own yard. Hunting in park 1 I had a couple of times I would have a 14,15 vdi but move a little and get a 32-36 jumpy signal but could never get the high tone sig to pinpoint. Has this ever happened to...
  9. M

    Maiden Voyage for my new Equinox 600

    Got my new detector and had a couple hours to practice in our yard that has been hunted by every detector I've owned previously. I was able to scoop up a dime, a nickel, and 7 pennies (of which 4 were copper). Also found a drink bottle and some round thing (which I took a pic of both sides in...
  10. M

    Equinox 600 ordered

    Been away for a while guys but ordered a new equinox 600 today.Kind of a bummer it don't come with owners manual. They sent me a download version. Would appreciate any advice for a equinox 600 newbie.Thanks to everyone.
  11. M

    Golden Sabre ???

    Hey guys I may have run across a Golden Sabre (is what the guy said it was} I have a Vaq but was wondering if you guys might know what one is worth.He has it listed as a vintage golden sabre.Thanks for any and all replies.HH
  12. M


    I'm really enjoying my new Vaq when I get time to hunt but here is my question.I ordered a silver acid testing kit of ebay and every thing that looks like it might be silver I test only for it to disappear under the solution.So I went into my silver collection and got out a standing liberty...
  13. M

    Question for all Tesoro Users

    Just wondering,Do any of you guys just dig everything to see what good targets might be masked?If you do what have been your results?HH
  14. M


    Sitting in my garage earlier today (my man cave) I thought why don't I take the Vaq out in my Yard for a while.The house we bought three years ago was built in 1953.About 21/2 years ago we had somme tornado about 20 miles from here and we got hea-------vy rain here.I went out the next day with...
  15. M


    Hey everyone I'm really enjoying the Vaq.I went to the park for a few hours about a week ago and wound up with 2.05 in clad.30 pennies 5 nickles 5 dimes and 4 quarters.Hunting one notch above iron 10 sen threshold at one o clock.I had around 70 targets total and I think about 44 of them good...