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Recent content by park pirate

  1. P

    1898 padlock after cleaning..

    Awesome lock..
  2. P

    All of my finds for 2014..:minelab:

    Well looks like the season is over for me with 6 inches of snow and temps below 32 most of the park is frozen i had a good season sure cleaned up on the nickels looks like the old timers didnt want to dig nickels my finds for 2014 are....Buffs 36, Vnickels 28, silver nicks 7, sheild 1, IH'S 38...
  3. P

    A great weekend...:minelab:

    Yes, this was a good weekend for me, met up with my buddy Ed, at the park, my first good hit was a 1912 -V nickel an then a wheat cent all was quite for an hour or so and then i get a deep nickel signal but read lower im thinking a deep nickel, dig down about 8 inches Bam a fat 14K gold band Ed...
  4. P

    Scored at the park yesterday...:minelab:

    Had the the day off yesterday so i headed to my fav. park, lots of the ground is still frozen, but i could still dig through it, my first good find was a 1897-V nickel witch is worn big time, the next a copper thimble then got a nice silver signal dug down about 8 inches or so, a 1916-barber...
  5. P

    Got out for a cuple hours today..:minelab:

    Still 90% of the park is frozen so I headed to a wooded area I figured with leaves on the ground at least I could get my shovel in the ground, even most of the woods was frozen but i did manage to get an 1882 IH, and two wheats....
  6. P

    My finds for 2013...:minelab:

    Well with 12 inches of snow on the ground looks like this season is over, all of this is from a park thats ben pounded for years...
  7. P

    Silver, and a crusted 186?? two center....:minelab:

    Back at my fav. park, temps a little warmer my first find of the day was a crusted 186?? two center after that some wheats, then a deep signal, about ten inches down a 1942-D merc it was good to get something good seeing it may be the last hunt of the season....
  8. P

    Hard pan this weekend, but did get a couple...:minelab:

    Ground was frozen in the park this weekend i stayed in the high grass and were area's that had leaves covering the ground, my finds for the weekend are a 1905-V nickel 1916 merc. and a nice albany police button...
  9. P

    Some keppers and a .925 silver ID bracelet.....:minelab:

    Back at LP. park for some goods witch my be the last weekend depending on the weather a four hour hunt in a big feild got me a 1881 IH, two V nickels 1908-1890 a cuple of wheats and a nice .925 silver ID bracelet.....
  10. P

    Indians, buffs, and a worn V nickel...:minelab:

    Getting cold in upstate NY hopeing to get at least to more weekends out, my finds for the weekend are IHS, 1905 1882 1888, two dateless buffs, and a vary worn V nickel...
  11. P

    A few more from the tree line...:minelab:

    Met up with Ed(upstate) for another hunt at a differnt park, in just three hours i got four IH's a 1901 barber dime a V nickel and a button from the war of 1812, a trigger guard from a black powder riffel a musket ball and some wheats, Ed, got three V nickels,an IH,and some wheats...Wish the...
  12. P

    1921 Key date SLQ. in EF, condition....:minelab:

    On my own today my buddy Ed went on a trip, i decidid to head back to the tree line were i first started, moveing solwly i got a deep but short signal swinging to the right the signal was good but to the left it blanked out moveing around it to get a better signal, it locked on i dug a plug...
  13. P

    A few keppers....:minelab:

    Well my hot spot is just about cleaned out,finds are getting slim, my digs for the weekend..