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Recent content by Canewrap

  1. C

    Combo that can potentially get 10" on a Minnie Ball

    I'm hunting a site that has orangish dirt in S. Tenn. The Vaquero and the X-terra I've hunted it with, using the 8X9 concentric and a 10.5" DD, seem to only be getting an effective depth of about 6 to 7 inches. I'm not averse to adding another machine that can get 10 inches on a Minnie ball in...
  2. C

    TID vs Beep and Dig

    Do you think that the reason Tesoro is going under (or changing owners- if that happens) is because the more recent crop of detectorists are a lot more TID oriented? Seems to me that most of the die-hard beep and dig types (myself included) have been at it a while and just have a preference for...
  3. C

    Anybody still using the XT-70?

    I still have mine, 8 years later and I've gone through a number of other machines that got sold off - because they couldn't compete in my dirt against the 70. With a 10.5 DD coil this has been a great machine. I haven't found a lot of good stuff, but if it's there I have confidence it will show...
  4. C

    Recovery Speed Adjustment

    The great thing I see about this detector, that really sets it apart, is the ability to adjust the recovery speed. What I need to know, is it possible to set this low enough to act like an Explorer or Safari? The reason I would want to do this, is because sometimes when hunting a new field, the...
  5. C

    Looking for Historical Maps of South Central Tennessee

    Specifically, would love to find old maps of Lincoln County, TN (1880s to 1910).
  6. C

    Vaquero with 11X8 DD Coil

    How much does the 11X8 improve depth for the Vaquero in moderately bad ground? Was hunting the red clay of S. Tenn and was only getting about 6" with the stock coil. Hoping for 8 to 9 inches on a bullet size target. Has anyone tried the Depth Devil for Tesoros? My understanding is that this is...
  7. C

    Adding to My Stable

    I've been away from detecting for about 2 years and have decided to get back to it. I will occasionally do relic hunting and more coinshooting/jewelry hunting. My issue is the build quality I'm seeing on some of the top-end machines. I tend to get into some rough terrain once-in-a-while and...
  8. C

    Tesoro Outlaw vs Vaquero

    I recently picked up a Vaquero to hunt with and forgot that you can't hunt in an audible threshold. Was looking at a photo of the Tesoro Outlaw and it looks like it might be possible to hunt with an audible threshold. Is this true? And, if so how does it stack up in performance to a Vaquero...
  9. C

    X-terra has been best mid-priced detector

    Over the years I've tried the F70, F75, AT Pro, and White's MXT. I keep coming back to my X-terra 70 because of how balanced and reasonably light it is with the straight shaft, gets pretty decent depth and is really flexible. I suppose if I had found more productive relic sites I would have been...
  10. C

    Machines that have an audible/adjustable threshold while hunting

    I have found that one of the best ways to look for activity areas in large fields (= more potential finds) like a homesite or suspected civil war campsite is to run with an audible threshold that you can still hear in all metal. Setting it as low as you can hear and then walking through your...
  11. C

    Relic Hunters that Use Tesoro Machines?

    Anyone on this forum that uses a Tesoro machine to relic hunt? I find they're great for covering large areas looking for a concentration of old iron in fields and on old homesites.
  12. C

    Digital Machines with audible threshold you can hunt in?

    I've had a few digital machines (X-terras, AT-Pro, F-75) and they're great if you're hunting a trash littered site for coins and jewelry. But, I'm going to give relic hunting another try and the secret to success (in my experience on heavily hunted sites) there is mainly being able to hear deep...
  13. C

    Tejon and Bad Ground

    I know that low frequency detectors handle bad ground better than the higher frequency units. But, since the Tejon is probably the best "reasonably priced" detector I can find for relic hunting and matches my criteria (e.g., audible threshold), I have to ask what do people do with their Tejon if...
  14. C

    Finding bullets at 10" to 12"

    I think I've figured out the location of a CW Camp and it's my last try to find a site. I have searched about 20 possibilities over the last 8 years and I'm about done (nothing but trash). The site has a mix of field and woods on it. For the woods I'll be ok with my X-terra and Tesoro, but I've...
  15. C

    Special Purposed Eldorado (uMax)

    I recently added an Eldorado back to my arsenal for one special purpose. When hunting Civil War relics, these days, you have two scenarios - outside of hunting old homesites. 1. You've hit the lottery and you've got a virgin site (least likely). 2. The more likely scenario is you're hunting a...