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Recent content by KinTN

  1. K

    So Russia has 4 service centers and USA has 1

    According to the sticky post today. They must sell a lot more Minelabs in Russia than in the USA, I guess. Or the Russians are harder on them and need more repairs.
  2. K

    XChange2 in Linux?

    Anyone using any Linux variant + XChange2? Any issues? No Way I'm ever allowing that spyware known as Win10 onto any of my computers and I plan on using Lubuntu on my next laptop.
  3. K

    Keep your head up out there
  4. K

    If you were going to buy a beach hunting book........

    Would you buy one (or a few) of Clive Clynick's or one (or a few) of Gary Draytons? Or does someone else do a better one? fwiw, I'm not a rookie at this- just looking to learn/improve.
  5. K

    30 months FEDERAL Pen (Tom, a TVA case for you)

    Apologies to the board about posting with an offsite link. I appreciate the tolerance of the mods. You guys run a great board. I also apologize to those that lost their comments when the thread got deleted. Hope you post them again. Lets try that again: TVA is serious when they say no metal...
  6. K

    6" vs stock vs 17" coils

    Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems to me that if you have several targets under any of those coils in a sweep, the CTX will tell you about them, displaying them in Target/Pinpoint Trace (assuming all other CTX settings are the same for each coil) as they should be. You'd have to sweep the...
  7. K

    Ever see any studies/musings on Loss Rate at the beach?

    In the absence of old jewelry, I wonder what the jewelry loss rate is for beach-goers. Anyone ever see any posts by anyone trying to get a mathematical handle on how many beach/water play-hours it takes to have a jewelry loss? eg, 2000 people spending 5 hours at the beach would result in 4...
  8. K

    How to run the LEAST filtering

    As I see it, there's the following boxes you can tick (or choices you can make) to add different filtering/processing in the CTX: 1) Recovery Fast 2) Recovery Deep 3) Seawater 4) Target Separation 5) Response 6) Tone ID Profile (?) 7) More/Less discrimination (?) 8.) anything else such as GPS...
  9. K

    detectorists: what you may not know as of 29 Nov 2014

    The BBC has picked up detectorists for a second season, airing probably late 2015. Hooray! :detecting:
  10. K

    Bolt-on handle for scoop

    OK, I give up. for weeks I have hunted the internet for a simple vertical or near vertical clamp-on handle to try on my scoop but all I can find is some overly complicated monstrosity: and an overpriced one for 29+ Euros + shipping: . What I am looking for is a simple vertical clamp-on...
  11. K

    Moving files out of XChange2

    I know I read somewhere how to move files out of the XChange2 program into an email or thumb drive but I cant find the thread. Can anyone point me to it or explain how to do it? Thanks.
  12. K

    Recommend me a Vibra, please

    I'm looking at acquiring a Vibra-Quatic 2 for water pinpointing. It seems like the best model for the way I would use it. I don't do much beach (yet), but have a couple of river swimming holes near home that I want to work. There will be some larger rocks(think bowling ball size) that I'm going...
  13. K

    So which one of you Pirates.......

    ...has Andy's book on eghay for $55? (if that guy gets that price, I may just sell mine!)
  14. K

    Air testing for Sounds

    Since its too cold here (sub 0 tonite, and yeah I know that's shirtsleeves for you yankees) for me to go detecting for a while, I'm going to spend the rest of this evening studying the sounds that my Excal makes. I have all the items you find and hope to find to test (...
  15. K

    2nd Return in less than a month

    Got my second return in less than a month. (that's something for me as it is my 2nd Return ever after decades in the hobby). Click here for the complete story in the Findmall Excalibur Forum