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Recent content by Samuel_Champlain_FTW

  1. S

    Has anyone had any luck loosening up the Vance Muffs?

    Is it possible to loosen up the death grip that they have on my skull just a bit? Tight, but they do have great sound! :detecting:
  2. S

    Hard Times Token!!!

    ​I went to work this morning with the Deus for a few hours in hopes of another Spanish coin, but no such luck. :P I found a few keepers. A couple weren't worth posting. One was a blank copper disk. 1825 Farthing 1857 Hard Times Token. A couple of silvers. 1920 5 cents and a 1968...
  3. S

    Finally! The Deus knocks one off the bucket list.

    Finally, I found a real! I thought I had a hammered English at first, until I saw 'ole Phil's name. I hunted the same area last week with the Etrac and the 13" coil and the X5 coil. Maybe I just didn't get my coil over it then. When I hit it with the deus.... I was using 0 disc. I love 0...
  4. S

    Full tones falsing on shallow ground (Mineralized outcrops)

    I was out in the woods hunting today in an area with granite outcrops. When using full tones, I was getting high pitched background noise when going over the granite. When I switched to two tones, etc... the noise left. It was much, much quieter, even though it would false occasionally. I...
  5. S

    Coronet LC and a couple of more goodies.

    I was back at the farm where I found the Rev. War button. The blackflies were relentless. I could only hunt for a few hours. In a few weeks, the Canadian fall will creep up on them and they'll all be dead! Muahahahaha! Anyway, to the finds. I thought for sure that I had a gold ring. Once I...
  6. S

    RNB Battery

    The RNB battery is a fantastic product. I never did post a review, but after a year-plus of hunting hard.... I can still hunt for days before a "2 hour" charge. That is all. :cheers:
  7. S

    The DEUS surprises me yet again!

    Back at a farm that I've been to many times before, hunting in 8khz and reactivity 2, TX2, Disc 1, Iron volume 1. It took me half the day to realize that I had the silencer on 2.... Things improved once I lowered it to 0, but that just may have been luck. Nothing was hayed, the grass was...
  8. S

    Deep target audio. Reactivity 3/Full tones

    When you have a deep target using reactivity 3, response 4 and full tones, do you find that the tone jumps out at you slightly? It almost pulses a bit compared to that deep iron chirp? I have had a tone like this a few times in the last couple of weeks, and it's been a deeper non ferrous...
  9. S

    The DEUS goes to work on a pounded site!

    I was out the other day for a hunt with a friend of mine. He took me to his go-to spot that he's hunted 30+ times. He has found many coins there, but according to him, it had dried up. I too was there once before with the Etrac and the small coil. I only found one coin that day and a couple...
  10. S

    Give me your best "ground balance notch" story....

    When has this setting helped you out in the field? I haven't even used it yet. :wiggle: :wacko:
  11. S

    How I feel out in the field after a few hunts....

    :twodetecting: All kidding aside... Who has a trashy park program? Someone mentioned that they hunt in 8 khz, and notch out mid to high 90's and 30 or less? What about reactivity and the rest? Any advice would be great.
  12. S

    New Deus owner here. I consider myself good with the Etrac, but...

    This Deus is a whole different world! I used to use multi tone on the ETrac. Should I stick to full tones when using my programs? I've learned a lot in my first couple of hunts, but I find myself getting a brain lock trying to remember all of the tweaks and what does what.... I'm getting...
  13. S

    Hi guys. The Deus is on it's way!

    Longtime ETrac user here adding this amazing detector to my arsenal. I look forward to meeting and learning from you guys. Expect the odd newbie question here and there! :twodetecting: Happy hunting.
  14. S

    Which goes deeper? 9" concentric or the 10 " Elliptical DD 18khz

    Hi everyone, I have an xterra 70, but it's been a while since I used it. I am bringing a friend out with me tomorrow and I'd like to give him max depth. The ground is very friendly without a lot of junk. 9" coil or 10" DD 18khz? Would the concentric be better for coin shooting? Last time...
  15. S

    FYI - Repair costs for a "Voltage Overload" error:surprised:

    I just received an email from Minelab America. There is a problem on the main PC Board and it is not a problem that can be serviced at the component level. This would require a board replacement. The prices would be as follows: Etrac Main PCB #5904-0139 $910.52 Labour 1.5 hours @ $80.00 per...